Return of the Christ


Guidelines for the Activation

1. A monitoring of the area, where the energy will flow, needs to be done, in order to ensure that it has not been harmed or polluted in any way and then upgrade it by calling forth the Christ Light.

2. It is important with regard to those places that you have been guided to journey to, to plant a single Ruby. They do not have to be planted deep, but must be prepared beforehand, saturated in the Christ Light, so that they are already, through their resonance, magnetising the Christ energy wherever they are. Now the Ruby may be planted.

3. Call upon the presence of Lord Maitreya – the Christ. Call upon the presence of Master Jesus - Ascended Master of the First Ray of Manifestation, Patron of the Ruby Flame of the Christ

4. We offer ourselves to be used as lightening rod conductors, through which the Christ Light will descend. We link hands, forming a circle that will hold the column of descending energy.


“Great Source, Great Central Sun
to whom a thousand years are but as one day,
we call forth from your heart
the precious Light of the Christ
that it might descend as a great Ruby fire
and fill this place with its power.
That it might magnify and accentuate
all that has been done here in the name of Light
and align it through the power of the Christ bridge
to the consciousness of man.
Divine, we ask that this be done for the greater good
and through the Laws of Purity and Peace,
advancing man
that they may enter into your Temple and be renewed.
Let this then be so,
brought into manifestation through those here.
So mote it be, amen.”

6. After the prayer has been spoken, the participants must remain open that they may be used as conduits through which the Christ Light can flow.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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