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There is at this time a message of great importance, providing mankind with greater understanding and clarity, with greater truth, with a greater conscious tangible connection to the energy and presence of Christ and the Divine, so that all may recognize more fully the Christ within them and the part that they and the Christ that they carry in their hearts, have to play in the unfoldment and future development of their planet and their own consciousness and race.

In the beginning there were three primary souls created from the mind of God. These three souls are the three primary cosmic ascended master beings, who were created in order to aid the Divine in connecting mankind with the consciousness of the Universe.

Sanat Kumara was created as a bridging force that would aid mankind in connecting to the consciousness of the planet – the Gaia spirit - upon which mankind would live. The Maha Cohan was created as a bridging force that would aid mankind in connecting with the interim realm that existed between Earth and Heaven and all those beings that resided within this space. And the Christ force – the Maitreya – was created as a bridging force that would aid mankind in connecting directly with the divine consciousness itself, so that man would never forget their origin and source, so that they would always have a path that they could follow that would ultimately lead them home, back to perfect unification with the Divine. These three primary souls have always been far too large to ever find direct incarnation into flesh here on Earth. This realm is too small and the physical vehicles that roam this planet far too tiny in their physical countenance and the consciousness of their mental and emotional nature.

But, throughout the ages some have been found – masters upon the planet, human beings – who have evolved to phenomenal levels of consciousness, who were capable of carrying the Christ energy, holding the Christ energy inside themselves, allowing themselves to be used as a vehicle for its expression, embodying this force, so that it could communicate its message and truth to the world.

Of course, all living things that incarnated upon the planet from the beginning of time onwards up until this moment and into the times that are yet to come, that will lead to the Earth’s ascension, carry within them sparks of the Christ force. The Christ force is found in all things that have known life here on Earth, whether they live now or not. It is part of the makeup of their energy, part of the makeup of their mind, heart, body and spirit, part of the nature of reality.

And these Christ sparks have in some reared into flames, kindled into fires and guided people back towards the Divine, aiding them with their own enlightenment and evolution, with their own ascension and expansion, with their own spiritual journeys into the Spiritual Hierarchy and beyond. But at certain times throughout the world mankind has been in great and dire need, they have needed to understand more, they have needed to be reminded, they have needed to see the face of God amongst them here on Earth, and so from time to time those special few who had the capacity to hold such great and monumental energies have been selected to embrace and to express this powerful divine force.

The Christ energy has been present in different cultures, in many famous figures – through the Buddha, through Krishna, through Jesus, through other figures throughout history that have been recorded, but not always recognized for carrying this vital life force.

The Christ is a force, which guarantees our return to the source of our creation. It is a consciousness and an energy, which can break the bonds of karma, which can break the bonds of our self-loathing, which can break the bonds of our ignorance and blindness and set us free. It is a power, a force that is found in all things, all around us at all times within the basic cellular structure of our being, within the beauty of a flower, within the air that we breathe. All that it takes for us to reach out and connect with it, all that it takes for us to acknowledge its presence, all that it takes for us to show someone who languishes in living hell as well as non-living hell, the presence and the Light of the Divine, is to reach inside our own hearts and shine the Light of the Christ that lives within the centre of our compassionate nature towards all of mankind.

We are all one; these words have been spoken and said a thousand times before, but little have they been understood. We have originated from the same source, were born from the same Creator, and irrespective of race and creed and social positioning we are kin. We must not allow the social boundaries of our petty and political world to separate us any more. We must not allow the illusory actions of those people who are lost within the grounded incarnate consciousness of their present life, to prevent us from seeing them as a son or daughter of the Divine, who is worthy of love, who is worthy of compassion, who is worthy of our time enlightening and healing them.

If we are to evolve, we must evolve together. If we are to ascend, if our world is to be transformed, it must be done through co-operation, harmony, compassion and love. No one must be forgotten, no one must be overlooked, but all must be remembered and all must be introduced to the Light of the Christ and the Divine.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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