Return of the Christ


The Return of the Christ

The Maitreya

I am the Maitreya, the Christ force, the anointed, the Cosmic Ascended Master born at the beginning from the mind of the Divine, one of the first three human souls to be brought into creation. I have never lived as you have, never known physical form in the same way that you have known it and know it now. I have lived through others, anchoring my power and my presence to their being, flowing through the vehicle of their soul and their spirit, through the medium and conduit of their consciousness, their mind, heart and form. This is why my presence has been known as the Christ, for my energy has anointed many, fallen down from heaven and filled their crown, surrounding it in a crown of Light, anointing them, marking them with my grace and power and spilling through their being and their life, through their words and their actions, through their deeds and their prophesies, their miracles and their healings. Only in this way have I known your world.

Bridge to the Divine

I was created to be a bridge, to connect the realms of Heaven and Earth together, specifically the realm of the consciousness of mankind incarnate here on Earth and the Divine consciousness, the source of all life in this dimension. Some see me as a man, an old, wise, white-haired, bearded man, but in truth I am energy. I am a band of energy that stretches from the Divine down to each and every one of you, a band of energy through which each and every one of you has passed each time you have been born, a band of energy which everything that finds physical existence here has passed through.

Each time you incarnate you take a piece of my Light with you into that life. It rests in the centre of your heart and is known as the Christ spark. This piece of me aligns you to me and through me aligns you to the Divine and to your soul. It is a guarantee, a beacon that enables you through the resonance of its Light never to experience true isolation, separation or loneliness, but always to be tied through the beating resonance of this vibrational energy to the source of creation, to your soul, to me, to your true home. It thrums inside you now as you breathe, beating out its Light into the darkness. It is the truth of the words that the Christ is the way, the truth and the way that leads back to the source, to the Divine, to God, for through the Christ spark - the Christ Light, my energy and being - you will return to the source, you will return home.

As you grow, as you awaken, as your consciousness expands, the Christ spark within you burns ever brighter. It is fanned into a flame by your own awakenment. And the brighter the Christ flame burns, the closer you become aligned to the presence of your own divinity, your Higher Self and soul, to me, to God, to the Divine source, the closer you are drawn to the path that stretches home.

My Feminine Counterpart

Now, as has been said, the world in which you live, the Universe, is bound by the Laws of your dimension. And the Law of Polarity states not only that where there is Light there is also darkness and where there is darkness there is also Light, but where there is a masculine polarity there is also a feminine polarity and where there is a feminine polarity there is also its masculine counterpart. And so, here in this dimension my Light is divided into the Christ spark - the Christ flame – and the flame of the Magdalene.

The flame of the Magdalene is my feminine counterpart, the feminine expression of my brilliance. It aligns you to the Divine Mother, to the Goddess, to the great Creatrix of all and enables you to be balanced in your connection to the all, to the source of all being. For a long time on Earth the Magdalene flame was absent, ostracized by the patriarchal Piscean age, but now it has returned as harbinger, paving the way for the true union, the mystic marriage of the Christ and Magdalene energy so that through this co-joining you might be balanced in your connection to the all and give birth to your soul, to your true quintessential self, becoming God-realised here on Earth.

The Awakening of the Spark

From the 1st of November 2007 onwards my energy will begin to anchor itself upon the planet more powerfully than it has done for a thousand years - the presence of the Maitreya, the Christ, awakening in the hearts of every man, woman and child upon the Earth, awakening within the centre of every tree, of every stone, of every flower, of every animal, of every insect, of every bird - the spark fanned into the Light of flame as the power and presence of the Christ returns.

Hosts of my great Radiance

In the past my presence has been felt through men who have chosen to embrace their life-path and purpose and become the host and conduit that would hold my great radiance. Krishna was one, the Master Jesus another, but after these and those, who preceded them, ended their lives here on Earth, it was decided that the next time that my Light would return, it would not return to one man, it would not return to one woman, it would return to all, it would return to the many, it would return to you. And you would be the voice through which my prophesies were heard, yours would be the hands through which my healing Light returned to Earth, you would be the conduits and vessels of my miracle and awaken those who slumber still to the great truth.

2008 and The Christ Energy returning

Next year this begins through you – the Christ energy returning to the world. And as my Light shines through you all, it will illuminate too the life paths and purposes that for many of you have been evasive and difficult to see and actualise. For 2008 is the year of divine manifestation, not only my manifestation but the manifestation of your own divinity and your own dreams. It is the year where you are presented with the option, the choice, the potential, the possibility to make your dream a reality, to make your desire real, to bring into physical manifestation the hidden strands of your life path and purpose.

Preparation for my Descent

The cleansing that you have been through, the deconstruction that you have endured, the path that you have trodden in this year was necessary in order to prepare you for my descent, for my power is great and vast and requires strong vessels to hold it. The fragile consciousness or heart is too weak to hold the great Light of my being. Each vessel, each human being upon the planet required unique calibration in order to be ready to hold my Light as they were capable, expressing it as they can in potential, being each and every one the vessel, the window, the chalice, the vehicle through which my brilliance may show the many facets of its face on Earth. And when my Light is centred through you, it will reach heaven-wards with arms outstretched towards the Divine and bridge the divide, bringing Heaven to Earth in you.

The Holy Spirit

But there is one missing piece. For all things found in this Universe will manifest as a trinity in accordance with the three dimensions of your Universe with its sacred geometric shape and form. And so, there is the Father, the source, the Divine and I am its son. But there is also the power of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit is all around you. It is the solution in which we reside.

The Holy Spirit is the eminence of the Divine, it is the body of God, it is the great glow of the source that shines from its essence. It is part of the source and yet separate from it, in the same way that the Light that shines from the candle flame is part of the candle flame’s being and yet separate from its body. I am the current of power that moves through the solution, like electricity moving through water, arcing back towards the point of its beginning, seeking to complete the circuit, to ground the Light in man.

The Holy Spirit, the body of God, is conscious, carries within it the divine wisdom and knowledge, and when and only when my spark is illuminated within you will you be able to revel in its wisdom and its secrets, to imbibe its power, to employ its magic, to direct its force in order to truly co-create, for the Holy Spirit is the substance of manifestation, it is the parchment upon which your holy words will be writ. It is the clay that you will shape with your hands in order to bring the world into new manifestation. It is the magical matter required to bring true manifestation into being.

When the Christ spark is illuminated, revealing to you the body of the Divine, the Holy Spirit, then and only then will you ascend to your full power as divine, self-realised beings here on Earth. So it begins … and it begins now …


Close your eyes, Children of the Divine, and hear my words:

In the darkness of your mind seek, seek deep inside into the core of your being, your heart. See it, it is a flower, it is a bloom, it is the rose, the sacred symbol of the womb of the Divine.

See it, see it and journey deep inside. For deep inside the heart of the rose, deep inside the centre of the petals nestles a drop of dew, a brilliant pearl of Light, the centre of the flower, where the rose petals change to gold.

There in this secret chamber glitters the spark of my presence within you, there glitters the presence of the Maitreya, the Christ Light.

And now, with pursed lips I blow the breath of God upon it, into each and every heart here and fan the flame.

I fan the flame, I give it the breath of life. Feel it grow, see it shine, the spark turning into a single flame, a flame growing, burning, shining, a fire deep inside.

Let the Light gently, slowly spread, illuminating your whole, illuminating your being, firing your presence here on Earth.

See this, feel this and hear these sacred words.

Ruach Elohim, Ruach Elohim, Ruach Elohim.

Breathe in the Light and let the Light shine. The seed is planted, the spark ignited, the flame now grows, steadily towards the end of this year growing in strength as it passes the threshold of ancient Samhein night, growing in strength as 2008 approaches. And it is so.

Divine source of all creation, I call upon a blessing of your presence and your Light for these your Children. Surround them with your protection, wall them safely within your hands, let no harm come to them, but keep them pressed against your heart that they may hear always the beating of it to remind them that they are loved and safe. May this occur in accordance with the greatest wills, with the word and truth and rhyme of the Universe’s way.

So mote it be, Amen.

Divine brethren children, kindred, I take my leave and leave with you my love.

The Maitreya

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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