Return of the Christ


Unfolding the Christ Consciousness

The word Christ means to be at one with God.

The Christ Consciousness is a level of awareness where you no longer see any error in any action that you do or in any other human being, but see only the beauty and the perfection in all things. For the Christ Consciousness does not judge, does not criticize, coerce, tempt, does not condone, does not react negatively, but the Christ Consciousness is only true wisdom, divine truth, infinite happiness, unconditional love and total perfection.

You shall gradually reach this level of the consciousness of the Christ by viewing yourself each day. When you find yourself coming to a place where you can smile at every human being that you confront in your life without passing any thought or word of judgement, but look into their eyes, which is truly the mirror of their souls and surpass all the outer influences of that human nature to truly see the only beauty that exists in their hearts, which is their own Christed Being, that is when you will know you have attained a certain level of the Christ Consciousness.

Do not expect this to come to you all at once, but have it before you as a goal to strive for and take each day as a step. As you arise each morning, ask of our Creator

Lord what would you have me do this day
how may I be used as an instrument
for your Light and your Word
how may I reach my human brothers and sisters
through unconditional Love.

And then begin your day with only thoughts of purity and perfection and you will find yourself attaining the state of the Christ Consciousness that you are seeking in this moment. Only then will you see your own true beauty, who you truly are in all of your knowingness, in all of your beingness, for you shall feel the bliss and the happiness of being the child of God that you are.

The Christ Consciousness is simply a bridge, a vibrational bridge, you are designing and building between your lower self (your personality EGO self) to your higher God presence, but make it a permanent bridge. Build a strong foundation of the aspects of God that you carry and recognize the uniqueness of your individuality.

Do a lot of self-exploration in your meditation practices to find what abilities and gifts you have chosen to be this unique expression of God that you are. I give you a hint that those abilities and gifts that you came here to perform are simply the things that you love to do, not the things that you think you have to do in order to become divine, because you are already divine and only need to express that divinity in your creativity, in your abilities, in your skills.

Your physical human forms are that vehicle that your Christ Consciousness is using in this time on Earth to express the purity, the love, the power and the wisdom of God. Your physical forms are truly temples of God that house your soul, your God presence, that house the Christ Consciousness within.

So you unfold the Christ Consciousness by walking in your truth and speaking your truth.

The Christ Consciousness
has always been there within you
- the Christed State of being -
and when you come to that recognition,
you truly step into being one with God within.

(Excerpts from a Message given by Sananda)


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