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Darcelle's Story

I first met Abdy in November of 2003 on a Pilgrimage to Israel. We had been invited by Jon Marc Hammer, co-founder of Shanti Christo, to come pray, meditate and sightsee in this ancient land.

Jeshua quotes as his vision for the Shanti Christo Foundation:
…For that, which I specifically seek to do in this specific work, that you know and call as Shanti Christo, is the birthing of a multitude of Christs that dwell upon your planet Earth at the same time. It has never been done before! Imagine a world with ten million awakened Children of God – fully awake – not just as a belief or an idea, but who have mastered fear, who no longer live in doubt, whatsoever, and are busy creating Universes that mirror perfectly the Kingdom of Heaven. Imagine it – if you dare!

One night Jon Marc introduced Abdy’s energy work to us and invited the group to stay and experience his Session.

We gathered in a room, pillows in hands. One by one Abdy selected people and laid us out in a circle on the floor. I remember looking into his eyes and feeling much love as I too fell back by his touch. For a while I just rested there, but then I felt my body twitching. It felt like electrical currents shattering my muscles and body. It was never painful, just different. This sensation did get stronger till I felt like a fish out of water – flapping about. Around me I heard other people laughing or crying. Towards the end of the Session the twitching stopped and I felt calm, peace and stillness.

Temple in Jerusalem

The next few days we toured temples, churches and mosques, and it felt as though I was really connecting to these places and people. For the first time I KNEW I was a reincarnated spiritual being connected to this land.

A few nights later Abdy invited our Shanti Christo group to gather for a healing of Jerusalem at our hotel. Again one by one we surrendered and Abdy placed us down throughout this ancient room with original walls still exposed from long ago. For me this Session was different than the first one and harder to put into words. There were times I was holding someone’s hand tightly and then slowly softening and releasing my grip. At times my body felt as hard as the thick stone walls. At one point my third eye seemed to get bigger and bigger, till it expanded to the circumference of my face. I began to feel like a conduit, and other group members were pouring their love through me to this ancient place. Towards the end I felt as though we had birthed a new energy. One by one we got up off the floor, hugged and swayed to the music. There was so much love I can’t really put it into words. I don’t think any of us wanted to leave, even though it was almost 2:00 a.m.

The next few days I had a different awareness – young men running to Friday night prayer, women shopping in the market for their families, children laughing and playing. I felt so connected to everyone and was moved to tears. I seemed to be weeping at the beauty of these people and places. For the first time ‘I was seeing with my heart’. I was welcoming this unfathomable heart and holding everyone in the loving sweet space that I felt in my being.

I asked Abdy if I would lose this feeling and he lovingly and gently explained it to me with the analogy of infinity. Whether there are highs or lows in my life, someone is always holding this loving sweet space for me.

Four months later I attended another Session with my husband and friends in New York City. Also there were some of my Israel pilgrim family. Again one by one we fell back on the floor. At some point Abdy pressed my palms. I felt in my hands these swirling, circular balls of energy. It was so amazingly wonderful. I sat up after a while and kept my hands open and could feel this swirling energy of the room in the palms of my hands. John, an Israel pilgrim, came around the room and hugged me. As he sat there he extended his hands to a man’s Crown Chakra. I followed his example and felt this swirling energy at the top of his head. It was the neatest sensation, and I was filled with joy! I had received the gift of healing.

The result of these experiences for me has been amazing. It is less than six months since my first Session with Abdy and much has been happening. My husband and I who have lived in New Jersey for over fifty years are moving to Florida to follow our desire to be in a place of sunshine, warmth and water. The sequence of events that led to this decision and the ease of purchasing our home and its location is truly divine and another story of itself.

I am now more dedicated to my daily meditation and connecting with God. I do not feel complete leaving home until I have found that quiet space. Most important for me now is I KNOW, TRUST and HONOR that small voice inside of me that is called intuition – the voice that says to call a family member, bring flowers to a friend, a CD to a neighbour or simply give a compliment. It is then that the other person, the receiver, says how much they needed that call or gesture and asks how did I know? I just smile and say, “Thank you God”, and I humbly realize God is moving through me, and there is such love and appreciation. I now ask God to use me every day!

I am eternally grateful for my experiences with Abdy and the divine order our paths crossed. His love and Light have opened me up, help me to grow and I love and appreciate ALL THAT IS!



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