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My Experience with Abdy in Buddhist Japan

Japan - By the Lake

A famous astrologer told me that in February of 2004 I would undergo a huge transformation. She said that I must be ready for it within my consciousness, because my Chitta would become Bodhi-chitta. She added it was a most auspicious event brought on by previous good karma.

Then my Buddhist teacher, Gayuna Cealo, from Japan and Burma asked me to come to Japan with him for the Heart-Expo in February of 2004. I have travelled with this living master before and have always had transformative experiences in his presence. So I booked my flight, thinking that it would be another direct transmission of his energy that would bring about the transformation predicted by the astrologer.

Once in Japan, we found that the accommodation had to be changed so that many of us would be staying, unexpectedly, in a traditional Japanese Monastery for the week and that Cealo would be very busy with the Expo and hosting the Princess of Cambodia. He would not be available to spend time with us or to guide us in meditation. At first this seemed odd – not at all what I had expected. How then would my transformation happen? Numerous talented, energetic, giving people were sort of holed-up in a temple for a week with nothing to do, but drink tea and chat while waiting for the Expo to start on the weekend!

Almost at the same time I realized that there was one among us who was of a different level and stature. Abdy appeared to me to have a greater role in life and a much larger personal presence than the rest of us, even though he was still quite personable and friendly and approachable. He was one of the presenters that Cealo had invited to the Expo, and he was offering some sort of energy Sessions. I was trying to find out what kind of Sessions they were, so I dropped in on one of the informal talks he was giving in the temple ante-room. He was discussing a recent trip to Israel and showing a video and talking of energy, specifically Christos energy.

There was a special feeling in the room, and the five or seven of us listening recognized he was speaking ancient truths that each of us was familiar with, but his language and relationship with these truths was very advanced. We stayed for hours until finally we were required to attend dinner. These talks went on for days while slowly we became acquainted with Abdy’s approach to personal transformation. He had a special gift that he would be giving to us in group Sessions, where he would transmit this energy to us, one at a time.

The day came when we were at the hotel designated for the first group Session with Abdy. I was experiencing a great deal more physical and emotional energy than usual while others were taking their seats in a large circle around the perimeter of the room. I started dancing a little as a way of letting the energy flow through me. Then the music began and Abdy gave instructions on how the Session would go. He transmitted the energy to the people by touching them at specific chakra points on their bodies. He chose Emily, his partner, first and she swooned right down to the ground after he had touched her forehead. I thought, “How can this be? This cannot possibly happen to the rest of us, we are too insensitive.” But one by one he would go up to a person and they would slip or slide down to the floor in very beatific and peaceful states.

Then came my turn. As soon as he approached me I was overcome by a tremendous rush of fear in my heart and then I felt only love after he had touched me at the heart point. I melted to the floor and lots of energy was running through me and out my hands and arms. The fear was gone and I felt peace and love. He came over to me one or two more times and gave me additional transmissions of energy in the heart area and in my hands.

At the end of that day, after the Session was over, about ten of us were sitting in the lobby of the hotel talking about what had just happened with and through Abdy. I was in such an opened and loving state that I could hardly talk, but I knew that I was fine. I was just completely immersed in a very pure and loving energy.

There were about three more group events throughout the weekend. One was at the Heart Expo itself, where there were about 400 people participating, many of them elderly Japanese women. There was no way to know in advance how Abdy’s somewhat unconventional offering would be received by this very traditional Buddhist culture, but to a person, the softness of spirit was remarkable in the entire local population.

Though they did not share verbal language, they related quite readily to the feelings and were very available to receive what was being offered. It was quite a spectacle to see hundreds of people lying shoulder to shoulder and head to toe in row upon row on the stage of the auditorium that was used for the Session. The feeling that filled the room was remarkable. Many had tears of homecoming to themselves, there were hugs with loved-ones and often just the quiet experience of peace and inner contentment was clearly visible on the faces of those who had participated in the Session.

It was during this event that I was given a vision of a future happening that had been foretold to me in a dream about five years earlier. I can only guess that Abdy is such a clear conduit for the powerful, crystalline energy of the cosmos, that ‘the energy’ is able to communicate and teach us each what we need to know.

Later, while we were touring some of the sacred temples in Japan, I was chatting with Abdy, asking him about what had happened. He explained that we were all part of a particular soul group from Lemuria who had agreed to re-incarnate together here and now in order to fulfil a promise we had made long ago. He said that each one had special gifts, but that not all knew of their previous states or gifts as yet.

On the bus ride to the airport, Abdy played music from his Israel trip as a farewell for all of us who had benefited so greatly from his gifts. I heard the language and sound of the prayers being said and I recognized that this was the language that I speak when I pray privately; it was so surprising to me and something that I had longed to listen to all of my life, that I burst into tears upon hearing it. I had wondered for over 25 years what the prayers were and what the language was – it was the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic.

I have since seen Abdy when he was visiting Lafayette, California, U.S.A., where I live now, and I expect to see him again and again. My own spiritual growth has been moved along through the Sessions I have experienced with Abdy. I am quite different now than before the series of Sessions on the Japan trip. My heart is more open, I have more trust in the indwelling consciousness of the Universe, and I have maintained this state of awareness even though six months have passed since then. My transformation did come because my teacher had called me to Japan, but Abdy was the instrument that actually brought about the shift in consciousness for me through his gift of transmitted Christos energy.



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