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My Transformation - Gathering with Abdy in Bali


Transformation when I close my eyes
and the colours become movement and yet they are so still, I can touch them

Transformation when I feel my body
speaking silently and softly with the powerful energy that flows so intensely

Transformation when I can see my thoughts,
and when I can smell my emotions, and when I can listen to my inner silence

Transformation when I am certain of the uncertainty
and when I am confident of the impeccable beauty of the unknown

Transformation when I surrender
to the wisdom of ignoring the future and the peace of forgetting the past

Transformation when I am you and you are I,
and when we are the same soul reflected in your eyes and mine

“Mum, you smell different!” mused Valentina, my 15 year old daughter after my return from Bali. “Perhaps it is the body lotion I used today, I said. “No, mum, I have lived with you for fifteen years, and I know how your skin smells. Something is different.”. She is very touched by my transformation, and she asked me to take her to the next Gathering in Egypt!

“You have been profoundly changed during this trip to Bali,” averred Alejandro, my spiritual guide, as I entered his office without a word on my part. “Evidently, you are now a whole new human being, and the emotional issues you had before you left, have been solved. As I told you back in December, ‘the winter’ in your life is over, and you have entered a period of Light, spirituality and abundance.”

“You do smell different,” confirmed my very close friend Mike, as I was telling him what Valentina had observed. “But there are many other things that are different – your body is different and the shape of your face has changed, but mainly I can say, that you exude peace.”

“I am impressed by how much you have changed,” commented a lady while watching me playing golf with her daughter. I had seen her twice before. “You used to be more rigid and always very controlled, and now you transmit a feeling of peace and ease. It is really impressive. I do not know you well, but I notice this very clearly.”

I first met Abdy a year ago, on a Friday afternoon, when I was invited to a Session with Abdy at a friend’s house. During this Session, I went through many different stages, not really understanding what was going on nor why I had finally arrived at this meeting. However, I could feel that the very deep sadness I had lived with for the previous nine months was physically leaving my body, which made me cry. Then, a warm feeling of well-being took its place, and for a while I felt as if I was floating above the trees that were talking among themselves. My body refused to move, so I just stayed there and went through many different feelings, amazing! Later, speaking with Abdy, I mentioned that I was so tired of being sad, and he answered calmly as he always does, “when you realize that being sad is just what you need right now in the process of your life, then you will not be tired of it any more and you will just live it.”

In December, my dear friend and doctor for the past five years, Julio Calonje, who had introduced me to Abdy, told me about another person, who had become a spiritual guide to him and gave me his telephone number to make an appointment. In this initial meeting Alejandro told me, my life had been in a sort of ‘winter’ for the past three and a half years, and that in March this ‘winter’ was to end. At that moment my life would enter a period of abundance and prosperity, but I needed to heal my ‘emotional’ self before then. So, we met several other times, when he performed some rituals and instructed me how to help myself in the work I was to do.

Later on, in February, Julio’s father became very sick and, sadly, passed away. That same week, Abdy was scheduled to arrive in Cali, so Julio asked me, if I could pick Abdy up from the airport, since he was quite busy with his family and his father’s funeral arrangements. This is how a very unfortunate event for my dear friend became a very fortunate situation for me. During the three days Abdy, Emily and Kye were in Cali, I spent many hours with them filled with powerful and transforming conversations, during which I understood many things beyond the words being spoken. In one of these conversations, I told Abdy what Alejandro had said to me back in December, of how my life was to change radically in March. Abdy stated that he knew the exact date when this was to happen, but he could not tell me as he would be influencing a decision I had to make. So, that just stayed at that…

During those days, I was invited to three very intense Sessions with Abdy, in which I saw myself in past lives, and the process of detaching from the veil of my self-created personality began to be very evident to me. On Friday night, as we were saying good-bye, Abdy told me, “Whenever you are in doubt, listen to your heart for the answers.”

In our conversations during these days, both Abdy and Emily had mentioned the upcoming Gathering in Bali. It sounded like something magical and out of this world, since I had heard of this Paradise Island on the other side of the world. Still, I had never really considered going there. Now, I realize that what they were telling me resonated deeply inside me beyond the realms of my reality.

On Saturday morning, after a night filled with the strangest images, colours and vibrations within my body, I woke up with the clarity that I was going to be in Bali for the Spring Equinox on March, the 21st. I cancelled my plans for a vacation in Barcelona and three days later I had a visa and a ticket to the most ‘uncertain’, but at the same time the most ‘certain’ experience of my life. I had no idea why I was going there. I did not know anybody who was attending the Gathering except for Abdy and his exceptional family, but I was going. Later, I realized that the Spring Equinox was the date in March that Alejandro had told me about, and when we next met, he predicted Bali was to be the moment of a very special initiation for me. It was to be the most important moment in my life.

I wrote to Abdy, confirming my registration for the Bali Gathering, to which he answered, “Now you know why I could not tell you the date!”

So, one month later, I was on a plane to Bali! What happened to me and to all of us during the seven days there was of epic proportions. The experiences during both, the Sessions and the several excursions Abdy had planned for the 90 people, who made up our group, were indescribably powerful. I do not have the necessary words to account for it. Each encounter, better yet, each re-encounter with the men and women, who were there, each conversation, each hug, each touch of a hand, each silence, each sound, each second, was filled with such power, magic, love, wisdom, beauty, surrender, authenticity, luminosity, that the connection with the source of the divine Light was endless. The gift Abdy has been blessed with, was so intensely felt during this Gathering, amplified by the powerful portrayal of the energy present there and accompanied by the evident presence of the Spiritual Masters, that I can say with absolute certainty that all of us were deeply transformed.

I now feel a connection with my real self, with that ‘being’ that is beyond words, beyond time, beyond space, beyond anything and that is so absolutely mesmerizing.

I no longer have any attachment to any ideas or desires I had before.

I am happy with just being me.

I have much trust in the perfect plan of life.

I find it much easier to live with uncertainty, and I have never been more certain that the answers to every situation will result inexorably.

I have the courage to be myself, and I am perfectly complete.

I have no need for having someone or something around me, so I feel at peace and at ease with myself.

I experience much awe for every little moment in my life; I am very conscious of the feelings and sensations that go through me.

I can actually ‘see’ my mind thinking thoughts and creating emotions, which I now understand are not my true self.

I can see myself going to the future when the program of fear and anxiety sets in and rapidly being able to switch it off.

I see myself reading the present with the veil of past experiences, but now I can correct myself and look at the moment with ‘new eyes’ to discover the answers within the new situations that we are blessed with every single second of our life experience.

I so thoroughly enjoy the process of transformation that the result has become less and less important, since I am less attached to the idea of what is to come.

Even though the connection with my real self is not permanent yet, the moments of connection are more frequent and last longer, which allows me to relate to my world and the people in it from absolute trust and surrender instead of from the fear and the void created by it.

I am able to recognize the program setting, and so I work to change my perception, to expand my consciousness, to make my reality larger so that anything fits within it – is a process and I am living it as such.

I have felt a need to share the Christ energy and these experiences with other people, but my sabotaging mind kept saying, “And who is going to want to come to a Session with you? Just because you went to Bali you are going to say to people you can do something extraordinary? What are you going to invite them to?” … So, I wrote to Abdy and asked him for his opinion about my doing Sessions, and he answered, “The most important part of your transformation is finding the answers inside yourself, and after all, what is wrong with doing Sessions?” So, I started by inviting my co-workers and some of my closest friends. Surprisingly, some of them accepted.

Obviously, I still get nervous every time when my ego starts sending negative messages. However, I have come to understand that in these Sessions, as in life, the result is not what is important. What is important, is just being part of the equation of life. I am there to communicate with people in a different manner, to receive what is required, to surrender to the source, to connect with those human beings in a new way – to leave my ego to one side and forget about any preconceived ideas and to just believe that whatever happens is what needs to be.

Many interesting things have occurred, and so far, I have done ten Sessions with groups ranging from four to fourteen people. The experiences have gone from people sensing strange aromas they cannot describe to feelings that an angel came and hugged them during the Session and observing very old shields disappearing or finding that grieving for a lost dear one was becoming less painful.

Powerful forces have come into my life as it flows with the divine plan and in my surrendering to it, because of my search for truth.

I am now certain that I am part of the Crystal of God – part of that Crystal made of the energy that has created this and many other luminous Universes with their many subtle dimensions.

I am now certain of the untouchable and yet so solid energetical vibration that connects us all with everything that makes up these Universes.

I am now certain of the most absolute wisdom, which comes from the strong force that drives our lives through this life experience.

(Tata 1111)


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