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Healing an Ancient Wound

I attended my first Session with Abdy in a very nervous state, and like so many people there, felt the powerful Christ energy emanating from him, which resulted in a feeling of total surrender, and lying on the floor listening to the music, was an experience of sheer bliss.

I took part in the following Sessions that summer feeling a growing sense of connection with Abdy. With my friend Gisela I delved further into the possible reasons for the feeling of connection, and I related to her my visions and recall of a past life in Israel, which I had kept to myself until then. I had been told by a medium many years before that I belonged to the soul group of Judas Iscariot, which fully confirmed the feelings and experiences I had throughout my life. Gisela told me of a journey to Israel, which had been planned by Jon Marc Hammer, channel for Jesus of the ‘Way of the Heart’ series, on which she and Abdy and a few people from London were going. She felt very strongly that I should join them, both for individual and collective reasons.

As it transpired, there was just one place left, so I agreed to participate in the pilgrimage. At this point I have to confess that throughout my life I had always felt a yearning to visit Israel, but as this was inevitably superseded by a huge fear of collapsing under the burden of grief I was carrying, I would never have had the courage to make the trip if left to my own devices - I was apprehensive of how deeply I would be affected by the energy of my past life experiences there.

My heart was pounding, fit to burst and tears were pouring at my first glimpse of the Holy Land from the air; it was a home-coming like no other. I was meeting up with the tour at Tel Aviv airport, and from the outset the sense of connection and love between us was palpable. It seemed we had all responded to an inner call to meet up at this point in history, which happened at the exact time of the Harmonic Concordance of 2003.

We were meeting Israeli Peacemakers, Rabbis and Sufi mystics, and our days were filled with sightseeing tours and talks, but also love, laughter and wonder. Above all this, our own personal as well as collective experiences were rapidly unfolding. We began to realize the powerful energy our group was creating, and Abdy seemed pivotal to this. We were slowly bonding with members of our soul groups and rediscovering ancient connections, being lifted daily onto higher levels of consciousness, both by the energy of Jerusalem, where we had our base, as well as by meditations and visits to sacred sites, which for many of us proved to be very emotional and healing experiences.

Abdy started holding his Sessions, transmitting the Christ energy, in the evenings, which were some of the most powerful ones I have experienced, and with each one the love and connection grew between us all. I was taken on a spiritual journey like no other, each experience and realisation more powerful than the one before, until it felt that we were living in another dimension.

Our trip continued with a visit to a Kibbutz on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. As evocative and indescribably beautiful as Jerusalem had been for me, Galilee and its surrounding areas felt like home, and the tranquillity and peace of the Sea of Galilee is a treasure stored in my memory forever.

Against this blissful state we were all experiencing, with new ones topping the old on a daily basis ‘a fly in the ointment’ was emerging. This was in the form of Abdy and his ‘supposed’ coolness towards me, which began to push my buttons. It proved more and more difficult for me, as after a few days he seemed to be, subconsciously of course, avoiding and snubbing me, bringing up all my feelings of unworthiness and not being seen.

One of the group leaders had written a newsletter, underlining that we would all be bringing up issues for each other because of the energy generated within the circle and advising us to remember that our experiences were our own creation!

So, I was well prepared, but not for this, and as the days went by I started having very familiar feelings of anger and of being left out and realized that my well-worn issues of rejection obviously needed to be healed some more. As this had happened many times in workshop and group situations before, I was depressed that the matter was rearing its head again and that I had seemingly not cleared this energy within me totally. I badly needed to start owning again, painful as it was beginning to be. I was finding it hard not to personalise this by blaming Abdy and feel angry with him rather than own my feelings, when he was doing his job very well in mirroring my issues so beautifully!

The highlight of the journey for me was approaching with a visit and group Baptism in the River Jordan. On that unforgettably beautiful day, Abdy was performing the individual baptisms, assisted by a female member of the group, in a ceremony that lasted four hours.

While we stood on the banks of the River Jordan in warm sunshine, dressed in our white robes, it felt as if the heavens opened and we were surrounded by angels, bathed in a shimmering Light. Each person came forward and spoke from their heart stating their intent, and asking for their deepest pain to be transmuted, they received their healing in their own individual way. Abdy, who seemed to be transfigured that day, was touching each person on their heart, their Throat Chakra or their Third Eye, however he felt guided.

Most were sprinkled with holy water, others were immersed gently in the stream of the river. Some laughed, more cried, but all were welcoming the purification and regeneration - the rebirth they were experiencing as they were opening to the Light coursing through them. The holiness of the day was completed by swans, who appeared on the scene and gave the ceremony an overtone of lightness and peace.

As my turn approached my heart was pounding with the fear of voicing and exposing my unworthiness and shame to the group, which I had lived with all my life. With this baptism I hoped these energies would be cleared for the whole soul group, and the name of Judas might begin to be vindicated at last.

Abdy performed the baptism by tilting my head back, and stretching my neck a cry escaped me, which shot upward to open my Crown Chakra, and with Light pouring into my soul, a feeling of peace, calm and joy descended into my heart. I sat down in the sun by the edge of the River Jordan overwhelmed by the experience and in silence meditated along with others who were absorbing their own healing.

A glow of divine bliss enveloped me, and I received with total awareness and clarity knowledge of the majesty and splendour and lineage of the soul group to which I now knew with certainty I belonged. Along with this ‘knowing’ came a feeling of total humility and being of service which has remained with me ever since.

I had been initiated into my soul group and felt worthy again.

I left for the airport laughing with delight, more grateful than my heart can express to Abdy, and my Higher Self, and Gisela for enabling this wonderful healing journey.



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