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Journey Home to the Divine

Sky Tower and Pohutukawa Tree

On July 1, I joined around 60 other people in the local Theosophical Society Hall to spend an evening with Abdy. The decision to attend this gathering was prompted by a girlfriend of mine, who sent me the flyer promoting Abdy Electriciteh and his forthcoming visit to Auckland, NZ.

I only had the information on the flyer as a guide to what his visit was about, but that evening turned out to be a very special time, and one I shall always remember, not only for what I experienced that night, but the ongoing effect it has had on me ever since.

When I was called to join Abdy in the center of the room, an hour had already passed and there were only a handful of people left, who were waiting for their energy transmission.

I was really interested in how Abdy would ‘persuade’ me to let go and allow him to lay me on the floor, even though I had watched around 40 others collapse gently into the supporting arms of Abdy and his helpers. I actually cannot explain why my legs turned to jelly, but without any effort I willingly allowed Abdy to place me on the floor with my head on a pillow, and my eyes becoming too heavy to stay open.

When Abdy stood behind me and placed his arms around me, he also put his cheek against mine and I ‘sensed’ that he was talking, but I could not hear any words, and soon I was on the floor. I could feel Abdy gently touch my neck, face and head and then he left me.

I lay there with a feeling of intense, but very warm energy surrounding my head and down over my eyes covering my cheekbones, wondering what I would experience. What I did see, behind my closed eyelids, was a beautiful silvery Light, which formed into ocean waves and a blue disc rising up from these waves, and I reflected on the forthcoming Blue Moon later that month. Waves of energy continued over my body and then Abdy came back to me, and he gently touched my stomach area, and then put his thumbs into the soles of my feet. He moved up to my throat, and afterwards stroked my forehead, and I was suddenly encircled by pure white Light!

I can only describe what I was observing as a huge door opening, allowing this Light to flow all around me, and I had a sense of immense unconditional love entering me. I knew that I was ‘home’ with God and surrounded by my guides and angels, but not only that, when I turned my head I was accompanied by people I know and care about, who are still very much alive! Everyone was smiling at me; and I felt that they were welcoming me home from a long trip away, holding a surprise party in my honour. I had a sense of completion, now that I was ‘back home’.

I continued to immerse myself in this energy as I rested on the floor, smiling broadly. I sensed every part of my body which was touching the floor become very warm, like I was lying on the Earth which had been warmed by the sun. I lay there for around 30 minutes, and when I opened my eyes I turned and looked over at my girlfriend and she was smiling at me. When I walked back to my chair, Abdy had finished calling people forward and everyone was returning to their seats. He proceeded around the room once again touching people on their hands and heads, and when he came to me I found that I could not take my gaze away from his eyes, which seemed to be drawing me into him, radiating unconditional love and understanding.

After the Session had ended, I gave Abdy a big hug, and I felt that his whole body was vibrating with running energy, and this I found also transferred to me, as I was vibrating all over for many hours afterwards. I thanked him and remarked that I had returned ‘home to God’. He reminded me that we are always home with God. Yes, I had gone beyond the veil, which surrounds us most of the time – the veil that clouds our memory of remembering who we are or where we are, all of the time.

I can only quote and reiterate the words from his flyer, as I cannot express it in any better way, “The Christ energy channeled by Abdy bridged my consciousness with the consciousness of the Divine, allowing my mind to harmonize with my soul and be aligned with the universal love and harmony that surrounds us all.”

As I am writing my account, three months have passed since our gathering in Auckland, and on reflection back to the Session with Abdy that night I can see how much I have ‘let go’ of old patterns in my life. My life with God has been enhanced and I enjoy the peace of His presence all around me and in everything I do. I am aware of an increase in the transmission of energy through me in my healing work and I find that I am more tolerant with myself and with others also – family, friends and people in general. The awareness of my ‘Self’ has increased and I am more evenly balanced and aligned with the God, Goddess - All That Is.

Even though there have been times when I felt ‘out of step with the world’, I can honestly say that my days are now filled with the joy, love and harmony that comes when we have faith and trust and give our lives over to God. This, I know, will continue for the rest of my life, and, of course, until I do make that final journey Home.

(Lynn, NZ)


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