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Life in Costa Rica

Turrialba Volcano

When Abdy acquired the land in Costa Rica his vision was

'MONASTERIO is a place of a higher cause that goes beyond its location and its people. It will operate by connecting to nature and to a central harmonising source. It will produce new principles of living through a dissolution of needs and desires. These principles are based on Universal Laws and not on human-made expectations to promote dependency through fear. MONASTERIO is a portal of transformation from third dimensional reality to vibrational reality.'

Kathy has been living on the land and, experiencing the heightened pure Christ energy of God's Kingdom, writes:

The experience for me living at MONASTERIO in Costa Rica has been the greatest gift. This place is an opportunity to see myself in a very different Light. The layers of ideas, wants, needs and desires are peeled back, leaving the image of a personal self exposed.

Living without electricity, and in the most simplest of ways in a mountainous jungle seems to mirror something that went unnoticed when I lived in Australia.

Thoughts that were once believed in are no longer seen to be real, leaving the world I once lived in falling apart. And without all the distractions of the ‘outside world’ the mind has nowhere to go. In nature Reality is as it is and that is my true nature.

Transformation is possible when it is seen there is no one to transform.

What I was searching for was always Present, beyond anything I thought or anything describable. The overwhelming Joy expresses itself being in service. It serves life as Itself, seeing others as itself.

This is the Love that is always Present.



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