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Lighting up Cornwall

St Michael's Mount, Cornwall
St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

Penzance in Cornwall is the furthest South and West that Abdy has been to give a Session in England. I felt that it was held here especially for the Earth grid connections.

In this place of ancient weavings of Druids, Celts, monks; of fishermen and miners; of sacred wells, churches and standing stones; of the breath of the sea always present in its coastal boundaries - Cornwall carries much Light embedded in the fabric of its land.

In the legend of Jeshua visiting and walking on this part of England; in the legend of King Arthur, the Knights and the energy of the Grail - the Light waits in the etheric to find its fuller expression.

Now is the time for the Sacred Fire to be anchored again in its full glory on Mother Earth, here and everywhere within her beautiful body.

One of the main arteries of the circulation of the energies of the land, the Michael/Mary line – England’s most well-known ‘songline’ - runs through Cornwall, through Somerset to Suffolk. The Michael line runs almost as a straight line with the Mary line weaving like a DNA strand either side. Certain points are like nodes, places of power, as the lines join through their crossing, as at Carn Les Boel in Cornwall, and Glastonbury in Somerset. Archangel Michael, transmitted through Ronna Herman, had this to share about the line’s significance:

“Many of you are familiar with what are called the Michael/Mary lines in England. There are ‘ley-lines’ that pass through the British Isles, Germany, France and many other lesser known areas in Europe and around the world. We wish to give you a greater understanding of the ‘Grand Plan’ and what have become some of the myths and miracles of your history.

Thousands of years ago in Earth time, Lady Mary, representing the negative or feminine crystalline electromagnetic currents and I, Michael, radiating the positive or masculine crystalline electromagnetic currents, set about infusing the Earth’s ley-lines with the currents necessary to rebuild the balanced and harmonious golden etheric grid system of the Earth. Rods of Power or vortices were installed at integral points around the Earth. The sacred sites, natural formations, which became places of worship, as well as great churches and temples, have all been constructed along these ley-lines and power points. Down through your many lifetimes on Earth, you have been drawn to these places over and over again to receive spiritual sustenance, but much more has transpired than you realize. Each of you, either by your physical presence or in your nightly sojourns in the etheric, have received harmonious energy and encodings from these spiritually magnetized locations, but you have also helped to activate them and spread these currents of Light around the Earth. You have become both a sender and receiver of God Light from the Earth below and from the heavens above. The Earth’s soul and the oversoul consciousness of humanity are once again becoming attuned, one with another.”

At this time of re-balancing all into the harmony of the One, it was no surprise to find Abdy here to anchor the Christ Light with the group, as a blessing for each individual and the grids - bringing the power of the balanced union of male and female energy to express the Truth of Love’s fullest presence.

So Penzance was chosen, in the same bay of nearby St. Michael’s Mount. This being directly connected to St. Michael’s Mount in Brittany and linking England through to the grids of Southern France, with its powerful encodement of the divine feminine energy, and to Europe as a whole.

A small group was present, around twelve or so, much smaller than usual, meeting in a hotel on the seafront within the context of partying and celebration. The Session was held in an undistinguished room until I suddenly noticed a picture of an Avatar on the wall - it was Babaji. I understand other groups gather here for meetings to anchor the Light in various ways. So the extraordinary occurred within the apparently ordinary, as it always does!

My experience was restful and I was floating in a deep state of relaxation. I had taken Abdy a beautiful, very scented, golden-yellow rose from the garden, which I had given him before we started the Session. It carried the essence of the golden Light of the Cosmic Christ. As I lay on the floor, he placed it back beside me so that I was embraced by its soft energy and perfume. It felt a significant blessing. Just towards the end, I remember a profound peace and deep stillness came into the room - noticeable and tangible.

After we had all shared our love through hugs and words, as I stepped outside I saw the sea had become quite a magical sight. It was totally calm, still like shimmering silk, reflecting the evening sunset lights of pink, gold and blue like the three-fold flame of Love in our Heart. It was the expression of the peace that passes all understanding. I knew we had all been blessed individually and also as a group we had blessed Mother Earth.

The Light shines more brightly within creation.



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