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Living My Soulís Desire

I began attending Abdy’s Sessions in 2003 here in Canada. Before my first encounter I did not know who Abdy was or what I could expect. I remember being a little apprehensive, but my curiosity got the better of me.

Lake in Canada

When I finally found myself in front of Abdy, it seemed like an eternity before he signalled me to come forward. As he looked deep into my eyes I felt an overwhelming amount of love and trust. My body became limp and I was placed on the floor. The energy that flowed through me was similar to a smooth flowing river, gentle and calm, constantly moving. My body temperature began to drop, getting colder and colder. The very next second I was warm and I realized that my soul was travelling in a warm, loving energy and wanted to explore, wanted to do so free of my body. After what seemed like minutes, but was actually hours, I could feel my soul returning. It was very hard for me to wake up and regain control of my limbs. I really did not want to be back in my physical body. It took me the rest of the day to feel like myself again.

Each time I attended a Session with Abdy, I would go deeper and farther into a meditative state and my soul would leave my body, entering a space where I felt safe, secure and perfectly balanced. It was always a struggle for me to come back and open my eyes. I wanted to stay in this peaceful place I had found.

After one particular Session I became very aware of the spiritual energy that was awakened within me. My entire life began to change. I have always had a natural closeness to Spirit, but this was so different. I was being pulled closer and closer to the world of Spirit. Books about God, angels, spirituality, reincarnation and the afterlife were presenting themselves to me on a regular basis. The more I read about these subjects, the more my soul opened up and a deep sense of love and peace filled my heart, and I embraced it. Spirit/God was talking to me through the writings of others and I became more confident and sure of my knowledge of and connection with Spirit.

I continued to attend Abdy’s Sessions and my awareness grew. I opened up to a world I did not know existed. This took form in a past life memory that came to me while my soul was travelling: The King of Egypt was looking for a new bride and he picked me. I had to marry the King. No one was permitted to turn him down. I was beside myself with confusion, because there I wanted to wed someone else and my heart was torn between the two. I fought through my fear and spoke to the King about my other love to see if he would make a different choice. The King decided to have quarters set up for my beloved. This way I would be able to be his wife and Queen and still have my other love.

The experiences of the Abdy Sessions have brought an incredible and profound new state of mind to me. It has been a very common theme throughout my life to be torn in two different directions - one, the way I have been raised and what to believe and the other, what my heart and soul tell me to be true. Through receiving the Christ energy and growing with it I have learned and explored much about Spirit and now my soul guides me. As a result I feel less torn and more at peace.

I have been able to share my spiritual growth, compassion and understanding with a close family member, my Dad, who fell seriously ill a few months back. It was unexpected, and as you can imagine my heart broke. His condition left him bedridden and unable to move much. Along with Spirit, and my new awareness, I could visit my Dad and bring God’s love to comfort him. I would speak freely about God, encouraging him to feel safe and secure. My Dad must have felt God’s love, peace and safety as he responded by speaking to me about the Divine, telling me to love all, “Forgive anyone who has wronged you and relax and have fun in life”.

He would speak of his friends and family members who have passed on and visited him in his room. Because of my expanded consciousness and renewed connection to Spirit I was able to learn many lessons from my Dad. My heart rejoices with gratitude for the awakening of my soul. I am eternally grateful to my Dad for sharing in my soul’s growth.

My Dad surrendered to eternal life on November 27, 2004. His wisdom and love will remain with me. The past few years I was afraid to contemplate my Dad’s passing over. I did not know how I would survive it all. Since attending Abdy’s Sessions my connection to Spirit has deepened, and as a result of this renewed faith I was able to be a source of strength and compassion for others when my Dad did pass. I also experienced an overwhelming sense of peace, love and strength that I had never felt before.

Experiencing my Dad’s funeral has helped me tremendously bring verification to what I already knew. My Dad merely left his physical body, his spirit is resting, I am sure, he was exhausted when he passed. My Dad’s funeral was on my Birthday. The anniversary of my birth was the day I said good-bye to him. I felt a deep soulful change on this day, December 1, 2004. My anxiety and fear left me and I have grown a new set of wings. My angel wings are a gift from my Dad. He always wanted me to fly, but was afraid that if he let me go I would not return. He has given me the opportunity now to test my wings and soar. I desire for my Dad to know that love transcends all time and space and, therefore, no matter how far I fly I will always be with him and he with me.

Attending Sessions with Abdy has opened my heart and freed my soul. Because of the gift I have received from Spirit I am able to love more unconditionally, show more compassion with others and share a sense of comfort to trust. I also have awoken to my own soul’s voice, and I am learning to listen and follow my inner guidance, which brings me closer to my soul’s desire for my life. I am grateful Abdy has joined my spiritual journey.



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