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My Connection with the ‘Rock’

Kata Tjuta 'Rock'
The 'Rock'

I looked out the window at Eyre, a salt lake spread out across the vast desert plains far below. As the beautiful landscape of dry, windswept colours filled my vision, I felt an intense stirring from within. My connection with this land was strong, and I longed to touch and explore it further.

Our flight from Melbourne was just over three hours and would take us to the center of Australia, to a huge natural rock formation called Uluru, considered by native Aboriginal people to be the most sacred spiritual site in Australia. Many people have also recognised Uluru as an important energy point that has global significance to the planet.

This was my first trip to the inland desert, and I was looking forward to studying the local animals and vegetation, furthering a passion that occupies much of my time in the coastal region where I live in Queensland.

I was not at all prepared for the stunning impact that seeing Uluru from the air would have on me. The immense red ‘Rock’ rising up from the surrounding desert area took my breath away, and the energetic stirring I felt at seeing Eyre now returned much more strongly. As I reached for my camera, tears formed in my eyes, and I felt an inner pain at the deep remembrance of an ancient connection with this place.

Shortly after our arrival, I set off with Susan, my new friend from New York, to explore the local desert landscape. We soon encountered a large red lizard, called a painted dragon, furiously digging a burrow in the desert sand for an afternoon siesta out of the sun.

As we climbed to a local lookout not far from our camping grounds, we gazed in awe at the massive form of Uluru, standing solidly in the distance. I again became aware of my strong connection with this ‘Rock’, and also of another powerful and ancient group of rocks behind us, called Kata Tjuta. I could feel an energy flowing through me from both of these areas and felt peacefully ‘at home’. I felt at ONE with everything … and we had not even started the sessions with Abdy yet!

Abdy’s group sessions over the following days were profound, as always. Each person who joined us on this trip had previously attended at least one of Abdy’s Sessions, and for many the experiences at Uluru were to be their most transforming.

My most powerful experience was a session where no music was played and the group was asked to simply lie down in rows. I lay down, closed my eyes and took some slow deep breaths. I quickly found myself moving into a very different place as my body started vibrating and experienced a striking vision. I felt a strong connection to both the North American Indian and local Aboriginal people. The ancient knowledge spoke to me and through me as energies and experiences were felt and released.

As this Session progressed, many in our group started spontaneously speaking in ‘soul language’, a language, which is also called ‘speaking in tongues’ - a unique way of expressing or communicating, which is beyond words. This continued throughout the remainder of the trip, with people often speaking to each other in this way anywhere and at any time, much to the bemusement of others.

Early one morning, the group visited the ‘Rock’ itself. I was drawn to what is said to be a sacred women’s cave in the base of Uluru. I felt myself entering the cave in a surreal, almost dream-like state. Inside, I leaned against the wall, feeling the ‘Rock’ all around and merging with me. In the deep silence, an ancient aboriginal woman’s energy began expressing itself through me. I felt severe grief and released many tears.

On leaving the cave, I found myself on a path that eventually merged into a raised wooden walkway, where Abdy and the remainder of the group were gathered. I could hear Abdy’s voice asking us to line up close to the edge of the walkway so other visitors could still make their way past. I intuitively felt to step off the platform and feel the earth beneath my feet. I had a need to walk everywhere through the red dirt without shoes. I was the red earth and the warm wind, and it felt so right.

Abdy asked us to look up to the top of the ‘Rock’, and invited us to offer up anything that needed to be released and perhaps be open to accepting whatever we felt the ‘Rock’ wanted to give. I closed my eyes and quietly listened, communing with the ‘Rock’. I experienced a part of myself floating up, to far above the Earth, and then looking down. I felt as if the Universe was embracing the Earth in a great warmth of love that seemed to encircle all, and then gently rock it as you would comfort a child. I then had a feeling of, “it is done”. The experiences of others at this time were many and varied; some cried, others sang or chanted, while some just sat in a deep meditative silence.

My experience of the ‘Rock’ was one of the most powerful of my life.
I am the same person, yet something within me has shifted.
My experience of the Earth has deepened,
My experience of life has expanded.


Later, the Spiritual Hierarchy commented on Jann’s experience at Uluru with these words:

Uluru and Ancient Lemuria

The consciousness of the planet is in places sealed into segments of memory that are connected with ancient parts of history that hold within their memory information that mankind will need in order to recreate paradise upon the planet.
Uluru and this particular part of Australia contains a segmented memory of the Earth, which holds the energy of ancient Lemuria and the Codes and Keys for recreation and return back to a state of paradise and purity.

During the Uluru experience Jann was placed into direct contact with this segmented consciousness, this parcel of the Earth’ wisdom that holds the power and the knowledge of this ancient time.

Such places as Uluru exist also in other areas, in the Bahamas and in Hawaii and in places not yet spoken of to man.

Into the people who journey there and connect with the energy of these places through such energies as the Christ, information will be imparted into their consciousness that will be used in time to prepare the way and to ignite the spark that will enable the replication of divine purity to occur once again upon the world.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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