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New Birth in Bethlehem

Rose Miracle Heralds Peace to Come

The pure energy of divine Love embodied by the rose was woven in magical ways into our Israel pilgrimage and was to culminate in a wondrous miracle in Bethlehem when Abdy led the group there on the final day. Only a smaller group was present; many had already left for the four corners of the world, as our main journey together had been completed. Yet this day was its crowning glory and a new birthing of the vision of peace on Earth.

We were light in our hearts and ready to embrace the experience of the day, as we journeyed out of Jerusalem on our bus, belonging to the aptly named ‘Guiding Star’ company. Abdy had brought with him a beautiful bunch of the most rich dark-red roses he had been gifted. They were velvet in texture and so deeply scented that the air on the bus was enlivened with their perfume. He gave them to Gisela to share this blessing with us all, and she moved around to each in turn on the bus.

The landscape around us gradually changed, and we really saw for the first time the effect of the conflicts and the visible scarring of the buildings through war. The lack of freedom for certain groups of people was also apparent as we stepped over the unseen boundary on the ground into ‘No-man’s land’, marked by the guards’ check-posts. We had to be stopped at both the Israeli and Palestinian borders. The tension in the air was palpable and guns were visible and very ready for action. Every vehicle was being searched, and we had guards boarding our bus to see our passports and confirm that we were who George, our guide, had said we were. There was some surprise that we had ventured here from places as far away as Australia and Hawaii – a little relief from the fear that was in the air. We all intuitively held the peace and love in our hearts as we encountered this oppressive wave of fear.

At the Palestinian check-point, as if of one heart and mind, we offered to share that peace and love in a tangible way. Abdy called out gently with presence, “Gisela, give the guard a rose.” The door of the bus had already closed. George resisted and told us that the guards could not accept anything given to them. We held the stillness of the moment. Then the magic of the now unfolded and everything moved in a new harmony as the door was opened and Gisela moved to present the rose, this symbol of Love, to one carrying the symbol of war, the gun. It was accepted and held as his heart opened and his face was lit by a smile. We all received the blessing and were deeply touched by the beauty of the moment. Our day was set in the vibration of peace, for it was the new birth of peace that we had come to bring, not a conditional peace, as in the cessation of war, but a peace that transcends this duality – the peace that only the reign of pure divine Love can bring.

After our arrival at Bethlehem we first visited The Church of the Nativity. We connected with the energies of divine birth and offered the prayers of our hearts. We linked with the fourteen-pointed Star of Bethlehem patterned on the floor, representing the original star that had heralded the first descent of the Christ Light through Jeshua. Now we were here at this special time of the Harmonic Concordance with a six-pointed star written in the sky, the Star of David, the new Star of Bethlehem, to herald the second coming of the Christ Light in and as humanity – the birth of Heaven on Earth and the ending of the Dream of Separation.

Afterwards, we were taken to connect with a special Arab family. They ran a shop and jewellery business – now sadly stranded in this place where so few can come to or go away from. We were welcomed with open arms and hearts and they insisted on buying us lunch, which we shared together in an informal circle in the large shop space. The special significance of the family was that the father of the owner had been an antiquities dealer, the one to whom the Shepherds have brought the Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran and who made the find known to the world.

It felt as if we were all re-connecting in time and space, completing patterns of energy set in motion long ago, as we had all played our role in the recording of Truth held for the future in the Dead Sea Scrolls. After the sharing of informal hospitality, we moved into a deeper heart connection and spiritual purpose. Standing in a circle with all the family, we spoke out with power ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ in Aramaic. Time stood still in an eternal moment. Then the son, a deacon in the Syrian Orthodox Church, sang ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ for us in Aramaic. In a powerful climax, Abdy re-patterned us into a Star of David formation, anchoring the Light, as we all held the sacred space to be conduits for the divine energy to pour through the group, to individuals and to the land. The frequencies of Heaven were brought to Earth in this holy moment that day and a vortex established to bring the Peace of Christ, which passes all understanding.

Shepherd watching his flock of sheep
"And in that region there were shepherds out in the field,
keeping watch over their flock by night." (Luke 2:8)
Photograph by Garo Nalbandian, Copyright © Palphot Ltd.

After this powerful experience, we visited the Church of the Shepherd’s Field in a timeless landscape made soft in the golden Light of the late afternoon. It could have been 2,000 years ago – just a shepherd with a flock of sheep on the rocky landscape of hills and plains. A Franciscan Monk greeted us with joy, “Please tell people about us, that we are here,” as if he was in another world that few could understand or reach. We all joined our voices with his as we sang ‘Silent Night’ in celebration of the birth of peace to be – the Peace of Christ soon to be made manifest on Earth.

This was made tangibly visible to us by the miracle of our return journey. Five hours later, as we came through the check-posts on the other side of the road, we all breathed in joy and wonder together as we witnessed the rose of Love’s presence still being held by the same guard from that morning’s gift. It was a divine blessing and witness to all that had been accomplished through us that day by God’s grace.

The miracle of Love’s alchemy occurred that sacred day in Bethlehem and rippled out into space and time to bless all life everywhere. In the birthplace of that embodiment of the Christ Love, Jeshua, a new cycle was begun that will bring forth the full radiance of the Christ Mind, the fulfilment of the Atonement, Heaven on Earth, Shanti Christo

- The Peace of Christ -



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