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New Flower of the Dawn

Bali Flower

My journey began many years before I actually met Abdy. This past year, however, Abdy’s energy has guided my spirit home and led me to a place where my heart finally knows peace.

My entire life I have recognized that I was different than most people. It has been said that I was too sensitive, an eccentric of sorts, who never really fits into any accepted societal circles. When I was twenty-three I became very ill and my body virtually shut down. For many years, I existed as a mere shadow of myself, spending most of my life in bed, unable to continue the struggle to survive. Little did I know that illness was a blessing from God. It allowed me the luxury of pulling away from society and finding my ‘Self’. Of course, what else would you expect to find when spending so much time contemplating your very existence. In a sense, I was pulled within by God himself. And so began the journey of my awakening.

Amidst the grief and anger that the onset of a serious illness can trigger, I began to recognize that something greater was at play. Sporadically, I met individuals who reminded me that I was unique and after hearing it time and again from many different sources, I began to believe it. From that moment on, my awakening has been a journey of blessings, offered to me by the Divine, leading me back to where my soul knows true happiness.

I have always believed that God sends us those we need to lead us on our journey. Along the way, He has sent countless beings to my rescue, some of whom who have allowed my physical body, my emotional body and my spirit to heal. Abdy is one of those very sacred beings that I have been honoured to meet. When I attended the first Session with Abdy in September of 2003, the physical healing was nearly complete, the emotional healing had begun and my spirit was pleading for a chance to blossom.

As he looked deep into my eyes for the very first time my soul recognized Divine’s love and wept for all the years that I had been held captive within my own body. Slowly, lovingly, Abdy removed the carcass that was suffocating my very essence. With each Session, I felt the release of anger, of fear, of resentment, of guilt that kept my soul buried so deep that I could never really feel God’s love. Slowly, I began to remember God’s embrace and all its glory. Ever so gently, Abdy guided my spirit back to where it came from, and simultaneously, released my mind and my body that I might recognize it.

Although this seems like an incredible journey in itself, I must also explain that the path has been treacherous, threatening at times to send me spiraling into a dark abyss. While the past year has been one of tremendous blessings, it has, at the very same time, been a year marked with great heartache. For the last twelve months, I have been nursing my mother who is terminally ill with lung cancer. Unless one has experienced it, one cannot understand the pain of watching someone writhe in pain and wilt away to a mere shadow of who they once were. These months have been agonizing for my siblings and I, but mostly for my mother, whose soul will simply not surrender.

Beyond this heart-wrenching experience, I learned in February that my husband was also diagnosed with cancer. Abdy reminded me that this was a temporary hindrance that would allow my soul to flourish. Had I not been assisted by God and all of his intermediates through this ordeal, I would not have survived. My husband underwent radiotherapy and surgery in Toronto, which is four hours away from home. I was left to manage our business, care for our six year old child as well as my ailing mother, and commute back and forth to Toronto to care for my husband. I assure you that the journey has been trying. At the time of this writing, my mother is nearing the very end of her life, and my husband has made a remarkable recovery. The doctors are optimistic.

I share all this with you so that you might understand what Abdy once explained to me. In order to ascend, the soul must first redeem itself. Redemption is far from easy. Abdy has likened it to torture, and in his knowing manner asked if I preferred to have it over and done with as quickly as possible? Did Jesus not suffer before returning to his Father? Can we return to the Divine without first redeeming ourselves?

What has Abdy done for me? The answer is simple: he has allowed my soul to blossom. Many years ago, I attended a native sweat ceremony during which I was assigned a medicine name by one of the elders. I was named ‘New Flower of the Dawn’. At that time, I felt like nothing but a wilted weed, unsure of where I was going or what I was called to do. Abdy has showered me with God’s love and has seeded a most glorious bud. He has opened my heart and from it has sprung a flower so beautiful it could only come from God.

I now recognize that God is within, and that He has patiently waited for me. I still do not know how it will manifest in my physical life, but Abdy has anchored my knowing.

What I know for certain is that God is with me always. I know that Divine is at work in my soul now and has been for some time. I know that the plan is unfolding as it should, and I know that I am impatient for the path to unfold. I know that my soul is dancing and bubbling inside of me and before too long I will not be able to contain it. I know that God has sent me challenges to prepare me for what is to come. I know that ever more strongly, my heart is vibrating at an intense frequency. I know that I am simple and that I am humbled by God’s love for me. I know that what I desire most in life is to ‘live’ in this divine place and to share His love with others, that they may feel it for themselves. I know that I am at peace when I am with God.

And finally, I know that I will be eternally grateful to Abdy for accepting to serve God, and thus assisting my soul to journey home.

Blessed be.



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