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Portal of Peace

I had a leave from work in the fall of 2003 and besides tending to my family, my goal was to go anywhere in the world that I must in order to have another Session with Abdy. He was taking a trip to Israel titled ‘Pilgrimage of the Heart’. After much contemplation and with a great deal of trepidation I signed up. I knew nothing of the group, Jon Marc Hammer, who led and organized the pilgrimage or anyone in it. I felt intimidated when I discovered that I would be the only Jew in the gathering. I had been raised Jewish and still belong to a Temple. I had also spent a number of years engaged in Buddhist practices and many years in various Sufi groups. For decades and still today, I practise Siddha Yoga, which culturally emanates from Hindu philosophies.

However, I had not had significant interactions with the Christian tradition. So what transpired immediately after paying for the trip took me by surprise. From the moment I signed up, I became consumed by past life memories from a life lived with Jesus and the certainty that this was a ‘class reunion’ of sorts for those who had been together at that time and place. I knew that I had decided to book this trip centuries ago. I still find it more than amazing that within the group, as far as I know, there was a general assumption with us all that this was so.

I have not had a connection in this life with Jesus Christ until the day of the Harmonic Concordance and lunar eclipse of November 8, 2003. Interestingly, that was the day that Jon Marc Hammer’s CD of the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic arrived. As I listened to it the ancient words of Aramaic washed into the fibre of my being. The next day, while I was chanting a long Sanskrit chant at the ashram I attend, Jesus appeared before me in tremendous Light. It was not possible to distinguish his features, because the luminosity predominated. It shone from his entire body, but especially from his head, and I was reminded of the religious art depicting halos. There was an internal recognition that I had known his energy before in that life I had lived in his presence 2000 years ago.

Then quite unexpectedly Jesus stepped into the physicality that I occupy – my very body – and filled it completely, taking up residence. I felt permeated throughout by the most wonderful, cradling, soothing heat, nurturing my very essence. We merged on a molecular level and this union created a profound shift in my worldview in subtle and not so subtle ways.

I knew that I had received the ultimate gift of the Lord’s Prayer after hearing it just that once in Aramaic. I had received far more fruit than I ever could have imagined from the trip even before it began. Within about a week, I knew the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic by heart.

Upon arriving in Tel Aviv, there was an immediate sense of comfort and ease in this group. There was a feeling of the intimacy of a family and no flavour of being strangers. In a short time, as our pilgrimage progressed, we came to be of one heart, one mind, one spirit, one body. Besides the power of the sites we visited, the chanting we did together at those sites and the amazingly open hearts and still minds of the group members, what is most memorable for me are the energy Sessions, which Abdy conducted. The most powerful Session was held on Thanksgiving at the Knight’s Palace Hotel in Jerusalem. In doing this Session, the group shifted the energetics of the planet as well as the region. We had spent five hours that day in a Baptism ceremony on the River Jordan.

When we returned, Abdy told us that we would do a Session just for Jerusalem, the Crown Chakra of the Planet. He asked us to hold no intent. Just before the Session we were informed that the lower half of the walls of the room used that evening, were actually the original walls of the Old City of Jerusalem! I was one of the first to be touched and immediately fell into a profound and uncluttered state of mental suspension. As the space was limited, Abdy soon pulled me up and placed me vertically against a wall of the room.

I experienced no change in the depth of my internal state with this shift of position. In front of my face in the rock wall was a slight protuberance. I placed my forehead, my ‘Third Eye’ or Ajna Chakra, on that spot and was stunned. What I saw was like a peephole, allowing me to watch a television show. As soon as my head touched the wall, tableaux of life in Old Jerusalem, perhaps during the time of Christ, appeared before me as if they were actually occurring on the other side of the wall. They were simple scenes – the market place, children playing in the street, common life actions from an ancient time. Each time I raised my head the picture would cease. Each time I placed my head on the wall a new view of life in the Old City would instantly be there. That continued for the rest of the Session.

At the end, we all came together spontaneously, with Abdy at the center, physically merging into one heart of pulsating, breathing love. Our bodily borders were blurred for me – I felt and was and became ever so many bodies touching together in the purest, most abundant, infinitely satisfying union of Spirit and Being. I have no idea how long we remained together in this way. Gradually, in silence and with great ease, we gently dispersed, each of us into our own room. There was no feeling of separation. Perhaps that moment was the apex of the merging that has truly molded this group into one living, breathing organism on some subtle level - One Heart of Love.

Afterwards, Abdy commented that the energetic vortex created by the group had successfully extended out even further than the City of Jerusalem into the adjoining countryside.

Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
Wailing Wall, Jerusalem

Some of my most powerful individual experiences of this journey involved the Western (Wailing) Wall. As I approached this ancient site of prayer, said to be the walls of the original first Temple in Jerusalem, I placed my head on the Wall. It acted as a magnet, pulling an etheric grey smoke out of my body through my forehead and hands into the rock.

Then up out of the Wall came the pain of Jewish suffering throughout all ages – the six million slain in WW II, the Spanish Inquisition, the loss of the first Temple – tears flowed and my heart opened sending peace and blessings to all those trapped in suffering.

Then the tears became thoughtless and wordless as a vision of the ‘Holy of Holies’, the Ark of the Covenant in the first Temple opening on the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, arose leaving me in wordless awe.

Later, while I was meditating in the Essene caves overlooking the Dead Sea at Qumran, I came to the realization that each of us in the group (and the area), who could completely come to a place of inner peace and forgiveness, would plant that seed in this region so needing peace.

Women at the Wailing WallAfter returning to Jerusalem, I entered into meditation and found that place of peace within myself. While still in the fullness of that state, I returned to the Wall. I laid my head on it for 45 minutes. The women around me engaged in their usual cacophony of weeping and praying.

From the moment my head touched the Wall, I maintained the serene state of total and profound inner peace that had arisen in meditation. What transpired amazed me. Gradually, I noticed that the women closest to me had stopped weeping and had fallen into silence.

As time passed, more and more women ceased engaging in the clatter of praying and crying. After about a half-hour I realized that the only sound I could hear anywhere was that of birds chirping. The inner peace I was experiencing had spread to the other women and to the Wall itself.

Unlike my first experience of the Wall, when its pain had overwhelmed me with tears, this time I was able to somehow give the gift of inner peace to the Wall and leave its seeds in that place. It seemed to me that this moment was the fulfilment of some ancient personal assigned seva (sacred service) that had led me to this place at this time. The intense energy of our farewell meeting left me unable to sleep.

I walked for an hour or so through the mainly deserted streets, shops and rooftops of the Old City. Moonlight shone on the amazing beauty of curved arches, narrow walkways and the alluring angles of Jerusalem. Finally, I found myself at the Wailing Wall, which was surprisingly crowded for that time of night. I placed my head on the Wall. Immediately, I again saw the Ark of the Covenant from the first Temple. However, this time the four sides had flung open and tremendous Light was streaming forth on all sides. Multitudes of people were dancing and singing in exquisite joy around the Ark. From each upper corner of the Ark a ladder - perhaps Jacob’s Ladder – rose upwards. Down each of these ladders angelic and other celestial beings descended. Gabriel was blowing his horn. I felt that the Universe was pleased with this group’s work and with our Sessions. I left the Wall and before I knew it, I was on my way home. What a powerful vision had been given to me to seal the trip.


Bless me, O Lord, so that I may always
ride the wings of God’s intention and purpose.
Make Service, Blessings and Love the pillars of my existence.
Let my every thought, word, breath, deed and feeling be in God’s Service
and be a Blessing to the Universe now, and throughout all Eternity.
Let Trust, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love stream forth from our Spirit.
Let us all be sustained in and as God’s Light and Love.



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