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Reclaiming a Life of Joy

Flight of the Raven © Yvonne Vetjens
Flight of the Raven © Yvonne Vetjens

“Abdy, I would like you to meet Joy,” said Carol, our hostess at the Session. Abdy smiled and looked into my eyes; I smiled back.

He continued to look deep within me for what seemed an eternity, certainly long enough for me to become uncomfortable with his gaze. Even his boyish grin that I would later come to consider so disarming, did not help. I looked away, and continued with the registration.

While the group gathered, I tried to comfort myself with the knowledge that friends had described being in the presence of Abdy as a very pleasant experience. I had been told that he would look into my eyes and I would fall back feeling totally peaceful and at one with the Universe.

The Session began and my discomfort turned to fear. Abdy was bending over people and touching them. I had not been informed that he would balance my chakras after I had fallen back. I was not prepared for this. Too often the touch of a therapist had caused me pain rather than relief. I wanted desperately to flee the room before my turn came, but I kept remembering Carol’s words when she invited me to attend, “Try to be more open.” I tried; I did not run away.

I watched as Abdy leaned over someone and placed his hand on her throat. My fear escalated to panic. I sent up a silent cry, “Please, God, don’t let him do that to me. If he places his hand on my throat, I will feel he is trying to kill me.”

Abdy motioned for me to approach him. He held my hands and looked at me; this time I did not look away. Despite my fear, I was convinced that God had drawn me here for a reason, and I wanted to be aware of all that I was offered. To my surprise, I relaxed and fell back very easily. Immediately, large spheres of energy formed in the palms of my hands, making it impossible for me to lift my arms. As Abdy knelt beside me and placed his hand on my throat, I felt a great surge of energy course throughout my body, blasting away at all the tension I carried. I just lay there, unable to move for the whole Session. I was the last to get up, and when I did, my hands still held a powerful remnant of the energy that had collected there.

As I was leaving, Abdy invited me to come again the next day. I was exhausted and unsure about his invitation. I went home and slept from early afternoon until the following morning. When I awoke, it was with an overwhelming sense of joy and freedom. The fear that had characterized my life for ten years following a car accident seemed to have melted away.

I returned for a second Session, this time with a sparkle in my eye and a smile on my face. I accepted the call to come forward without even thinking of what might follow. What did follow was a wonderful experience of being bathed in the love of God, and the understanding I could carry that forward into my life.

That day, there was no fear in my heart; it was vibrating at the much higher frequency of faith. When Abdy extended his hand to me, I sensed the unspoken invitation, “Come, and trust that I will give what is best for you right now.” How could it be otherwise from one so closely united to the Divine?

It is Time

I made good progress throughout the following year, as I continued to attend Sessions. I was no longer filled with fear, yet this accident still cast a shadow over my life. I did not feel that I was able to plan ahead, as I could not predict when I would be sufficiently free from pain to participate in scheduled activities. I longed to lead a normal life again. It was time to peel away a more subtle layer of the fear that had placed such limits on my life.

The next time I attended a Session, I was filled with a wonderful energy that led my arms in a graceful dance to the celestial music being played, and although I am not a singer, Abdy coaxed beautiful notes of praise from a heart full of song. A message was given for Jody. It intrigued me, but by the time I got home, all I could remember were the few words, “When you see the raven, you will know it is time.”

Several days later, as I sat in my study, I noticed a raven sitting on the telephone wire beside my home. It swooped down and landed near my front door, then flew back up to perch on the telephone wire again. It did this three times, and I recalled the words of the message for Jody. I considered whether the message might also be for me. I repeated the words to myself, “When you see the raven, you will know it is time. Time for what?” I wondered.

I continued to read for a while and then began to clear my desk of the papers I had accumulated there. It occurred to me that some of the files I had in a larger cabinet downstairs would be more useful to me in my study, so I went to retrieve them. I was shocked to find one full drawer of a three-foot lateral file still filled with legal and medical documentation related to my car accident. I was burdened by the feeling that every page was now just a reminder of anger, depression and pain.

I began to tear the pages into tiny pieces. After a while, my hands ached, but I continued to work compulsively. I muttered frequently as I worked, “This is crazy; I should just go and buy a shredder.” My husband encouraged me to do so, but I could not stop myself from tearing up the papers one by one. I spent two full days destroying files by hand, and only kept the few documents stating that my claim was closed and the legal fees were paid.

When I had finished, I announced with a great deal of satisfaction, “This accident no longer takes up room in my files, it no longer takes up room in my life, and it no longer defines who I am.” A short time later, I booked a winter vacation, our first in fifteen years, and I trusted I would be well enough to travel when the time came. I was, and we had a wonderful time!

I returned home energized and confident that the message heralded by the raven had indeed been for me. I now carry deep within me the certainty that it is time to develop a more trusting relationship with God and with myself. It is time to reclaim a life of joy, a life free from fear. It is time to allow the mystery within to unfold. It is time……

The Time is Now



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