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Oh, Such Grace & Godís Firewood!

Abdy stirred our dreams and brought magic back to our tiny island in the midst of the Ocean that is called ‘peaceful’, Pacific….

Kalalau Valley in Hawaii

In May 2005, we had four Sessions here on Kauai. A group of about 15-20 volunteers participated together over the course of a week, coalescing as a very organic, outwardly leaderless, heart-centered and generous team, providing all the support and administrative functions necessary to host more than 250 people through four events at different locations. (To me, this is the dis-Play of Lemurian consciousness; and those who reside here in our Kauai community are privileged to be among the first to remind one another and the world of this way of being.) We are now off in various directions, transformed and transforming in our unique ways.

Personally, as the days pass since the 2005 Sessions, I am feeling more aligned and equal to the Light that is within ‘me’. This is a shift and, in this shift, I more readily see this Light in all others…. I am feeling a passionate compulsion to facilitate the birthing, the dawning and rising, of the Light into and through myself and into and through others who are drawn to me.

[A most notable aspect of my personal journey post-Abdy is the initially existential horror of proceeding without the old guiding Daddy God in my psyche. This old construct now is naïve and childlike to my transforming consciousness, a comforting game I once played to keep the dark at bay, and am now putting aside as no longer necessary in the Light of new awareness. With this said, however, I will use the word, God, in this narrative, and will mean, in using it, the construct commonly held in this world of a sovereignty outside and above, controlling and guiding evolution through teaching and saving and fixing the unenlightened and lost and broken ones.]

So, it is a strange, wondering, allowing, trusting, sovereigning/surrendering kind of inner ‘weather’ I am living in. As I allow this process, I feel many things including terror, which is quite hard to be with. Boredom comes, as well. And, confusion. And, Grace. And layers of old energies (some recognized and many not, making claims and telling stories as they take the microphone and demand to be heard) rise to be metabolized and fostered into integration....

Equality is a signature frequency of this process, for me. Something about this sense of equality feels very key to what is happening, as though the old model, with God as the distant but loving and approachable Father, with saviors saving and teachers teaching, is transforming or bridging to a new model with the fragment of Light burning within me and transmitting a signal of equal majesty, equal preciousness, equal possibility and freedom to all beings to adventure and explore.

This idea of myself as a navigator and explorer, a Self-directing freedom-seeking Being, is new, also. Whereas, previously I felt there was some Way to live, a way handed down from above, a way that would assure me of my correct orientation toward God, now I feel authority to co-create initiatives without bowing down, grovelling, submitting to some ‘higher’ outside power. Now I am feeling free to trust that if it arises in my local consciousness, it is a facet of Omni-Intentionality, and can be trusted and explored as such. (This, of course, with egoic consciousness still onboard, is risky business, and it can only be verified by experimentation. This further supports my new self-context as navigator and explorer: I am one who, carrying an impeccable orientation signal onboard, now co-creates mission parameters and strategies. I must test this model and see if it holds up.)

So, at the same time that I am moving into some sense of equality with God (scandalous and terrifying and disorienting development!), I am moving into equality with all beings, as well. This equality that I feel with Abdy and Jeshua and Hitler and Lucifer and all others is an impulse no longer transmitted from above to below, but is somehow now circulating within me and beginning to radiate – the impeccable orientation signal for the explorer/navigator. I feel that this equality is somehow the core of the ‘message’, the core of the possibility, the core of the transformation. It is as though the transformational burn cannot happen without this shift of perspective: from Creator/creature to co-creator.

This idea of transformation feels central to what is happening, too: a transcendent, radiant and formless Truth is extending into manifestation, bridging the Formless into extension in and through form: TRANS-forming. The identification of myself as a differentiated point of view, contained in a body-mind, bound in space/time and subject to circumstances, is being altered by a Formless Inevitability, a Designed Compulsion - as I said, a bridging of Formless into form. As Jeshua puts it, the point-of-view consciousness who thinks of herself as Linda is purifying, surrendering to the release of ‘all that is unlike Love: birthing a Christ’.

I feel that it is important for my point-of-view consciousness to co-create Christ: This is the surrendering part. I feel, as well, that it is important for my point-of-view consciousness to embrace its identity in Truth. This is the sovereignty part. As I focus this surrendered sovereignty (or sovereign surrender), I qualify as a co-creator and take on my True and Natural Function in Form.

I feel, as Jeshua teaches, that it is inevitable, in the early phase of this co-creativity, that there be burning: to purify, to foster transformation. For me, transformation is essentially a catalytic or fiery process on all levels: physical, emotional and mental, the burning of the dross of limitation and defensiveness to accomplish the Great Transparency, the Alchemical Union: Christ.

My present strategy is to master this seeming paradox: blended intentionality of sovereignty AND surrender. I feel that this is a very precise alchemy, calibrated to burn egoic structure with least disturbance to resident consciousness. I see that this attunement adjusts the aperture of the lens of my consciousness, calibrating it to the alchemical ‘burn’ parameters so the Light is held at the focal point of the lens and can thus burn the lens clean.

This intention of sovereign surrender concentrates and aligns the Fiery Light, the Designed Compulsion, at the focal point of the lens, burning it clean – to transparency. Burning, burning, burning, this interface between the earthy, airy, watery mix of form called ‘Linda’ and the Formless Inevitability, clearing away defensive and false notions; ultimately achieving the Great Transparency: Source embodied and walking in this world in, as, and through Linda, with the point-of-view Linda consciousness no longer devoted to its survival, no longer devoted to having the world ‘make me happy’. I feel that the point-of-view consciousness shares in the co-creative direction of the burn by participating in this way.

I attribute these developments to an ignition that has occurred between ‘my’ intention and Abdy’s, an ignition that allows the Light to pass through Abdy and into and through me…a co-creative alchemy of transformation.

I feel that, like Abdy, I am fostering a fire that will rage through me and to and through all who are drawn to the Light of this Burning…. What becomes of this fire is in the Hands of the One Who Sent Me Forth…. I think of myself as ‘God’s Firewood’ these days.

If you ask me to articulate what I am becoming, I say this, “I am a Soul or Wholeness Navigator. In my transparency, I serve. When the Soul’s Light streams undistorted through the lens of personality, Essence is expressed. My Being provides catalytic and transformational impetus to those who are drawn. In our interaction – grounded in equality – transformation occurs. This alchemy is interpreted by the personality as progress or clearing. At the level of the body, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, the ignition that occurs is integrated as healing, wholeness or range of motion. The integration of transformation may be characterized as ‘pleasant’ or ‘difficult’. Either way, a freedom has occurred.”

I wander the halls of ‘my life’. Boxes are piled and stand by doors. A burn pile awaits the match.

So little remains.

The corridors are haunted, as former meanings, hollow with emptiness now, echo… unsupported by my need…and resolve into Silence.

Like a hermit crab leaving a shell, now too small, I am migrating to a new and more expansive dwelling.



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