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A Taste of the Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden

For the beginning of the year I had booked an Aryuveda Retreat in the south of Kerala – known as God’s country. Soon I learned that this was to coincide with Abdy’s stop-over in India on his way to Japan.

I met Abdy at the Kumarakom Garden Retreat, where he gave a Session to the group I was staying with and anchored the Christ energy in the vortex of this very special place.

During my previous Sessions in London I was consumed by the all-embracing love of the Divine.

Here, following Abdy’s Session, I intimately experienced the Divine for 21 days in nature.

From the terrace of my bungalow I watched most awe-inspiring sun-rises, while listening to exotic bird-songs all around me, smelling the scent of fresh early morning dew, tasting the succulent fruit that came with my breakfast, feeling a closeness to nature – taking me deep into the presence of the Divine. Day by day this experience deepened and naturally I wished to remain there.

On the day of my departure I was presented with an image for my camera to take home with me – an image of a young woman who raised herself unexpectedly from the flowerbed in front of the bungalow, where she had been working. To me she represented all paradise stands for

deep serenity, purity, contentment, joy, beauty and grace.

To further hold on to my experience I purchased a collection of Indian Folk and Classical music, reflecting the sounds of India.

On my return home I found it hard to settle back into every day reality. However, soon Spring was to arrive and with new eyes I now take in the colours of nature with greater intensity and with new ears the birds from the garden present to me a sweeter song.

Having moved deeper within myself and connected more closely with the expression and presence of the Divine outside myself through nature from here on my journey back into the heart of the Divine will always be accompanied by the mantra

I and my Father are One
I accept the love of God
As Christ I am celebrating in this moment
the truth of who I am
and I bring peace to the world today.



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