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The Call to Awaken

I travelled with Abdy on both tours of Australia. That added up to around 14 Sessions in a row, twice! As my daughter Anna said, I did not need to fly home from Sydney last time, I could have just floated across on a pink cloud of bliss!

My first Abdy Session took place in the Galilee in Israel, where I was travelling with 50 others including Abdy, on a tour organised by ‘Way of the Heart’ channel Jon Marc Hammer. I immediately recognised what was a familiar experience for me from my seven years at the Miracle Centers in Wisconsin, U.S.A. and Byron Bay, Australia, where I was studying ‘The Course in Miracles’. Following teaching input, we used to do ‘Light Sessions’ to music every day with what I experienced as exactly the same results.

So what does a Session with Abdy feel like for me? It is really hard to put words to the inexpressible, but I am going to try. It takes me to a space where I change my identification from this body/mind story of myself to an expanded sense of frequency of energy, in which my mind goes abstract, the energy begins to flow outward from an infinite source within, through my hands and heart and very powerfully out the top of my head - like a volcano really. Whoosh! With this energy movement, there is a sense of all that is not perfect moving skywards, so that I come to a place of equilibrium in which I have no boundaries, where I am in union with everyone in the room. A sense of completion goes with this, as if there was nothing I could improve upon.

During my time at the Miracle Center, it was recognised that transformation or awakening would be unlikely to occur without a very rigorous study and application of the process of forgiveness and release of old memories and false beliefs, which lies at the heart of ‘The Course of Miracles’ teachings. At the same time it was very apparent that without the experience of Self as Light / Christ Mind / God, it could sometimes be very difficult to make much sense of the teachings. The two activities in tandem, however, gave maximum opportunity for any serious student to arrive at a deeply known awareness of his/her true nature, the true nature of all of us in fact and to begin to live out of that reality.

Since I left the Miracle Center, I have discovered the ‘Way of the Heart’ material. It is very apparent to me that the author Jeshua, is identical to the Jesus who authored ‘The Course in Miracles’. The information, although presented slightly differently, is totally compatible in content. The ‘Way of the Heart’ seems to me to be a little more accessible, providing a very clear format for group study. Consequently, I have currently embraced this teaching and am making it available to two groups in Melbourne.

Following his first tour of Australia in March 2004, Abdy spoke to Kathy and myself, both of whom had been in Israel and with Abdy on the Australian tour. Since we had both been familiar with the energy for several years, Abdy encouraged us to take up the challenge and continue his work in Australia in our respective cities, Kathy in Brisbane and myself in Melbourne.

Meditation Yurt
Meditation Yurt

The members of my two existing Study Groups seemed ideal candidates, especially as I would once again be utilising both the reasonableness and practicality of the teachings, alongside the direct experience of divinity, which the Abdy Sessions provide. My fellow travellers on the path were very willing participants and a monthly experiential Session has become the joyful norm.

When I ‘work’ with ‘others’ the energy moves through me to wherever I am guided to place my hands, and this seems to activate the energy field of the ‘other’, so that they seem to absorb the energy until we are of one mind, in the same frequency. When everyone in the room is vibrating together, it feels like a vortex whirling upward, taking all that is ‘not that’ out and away, like a huge centrifugal cleanup. This process seems to intensify as the frequency becomes finer and finer. Finally, we are all in deep silence, at peace in that place of ‘completion’ and total union with each other. I just love to be in this most blissful space!

The Sessions of the ‘Way of the Heart’ groups of 7 – 10 people with whom I have been working seem to become more powerful as I continue to interact with the group. Anna, who participates, and has also had some experience of the Miracle Center process, observes that I seem to be growing into the role! On September 11, 2004 Abdy was to be working in London and invited everybody around the world to tune into one of these particular Sessions to prepare the planet for the upcoming times.

So we gathered for a Session in Melbourne that day with 20 people, some quite new to the experience and it was overwhelming! I guess Abdy’s energy was there with us as well. I have a sense that this work is very much supported. My friend Jesus always appears in the room to assist me. In fact the only challenge in the role is to stay out of my own way and let spirit work. It certainly takes the worry out of it. I am learning to trust the process. All I have to do is to be present and remove my mind from any attention to the identity that in truth I am not. After that it is up to Jesus / Holy Spirit / God to make happen what needs to occur.

What seems to be most valuable about Abdy’s extraordinary gift and his selfless contribution to the collective awakening of the planet, is that in the space of a couple of hours he can introduce a complete newcomer to the spiritual life to a direct experience of his/her true divine nature. Even a brief sojourn into the exquisite, gentle, joyous, peaceful, loving presence, which lies at the heart of all of us, must be more compelling than hours of mental examination of the reasonableness of the pursuit of a spiritual life and attention to those moments when healing and release is indicated.

He ‘jump starts’ us with this direct experience and sets us on the path of discovery. Yes, most of us are still going to have to do the ‘work’ after that, to bring about the total change of mind necessary for us to abandon the false identity (ego), for the one we share with everyone, but at least we know from our Abdy experience, what we are doing it for, what it is we are trying to remember about ourselves.

Thank you Abdy. Australia loves you.



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