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Uluru Gathering

We do not change, we just shift our perception

copyright © 2005 Joel Moore
Olgas-Vortex Copyright © 2005 Joel Moore

The very first time that I heard of Abdy’s Uluru Gathering, I knew that I would be there and nothing on the planet would deter me. It was like a magnet had drawn me to Uluru.

It was with much anticipation that I set forth to Uluru in Central Australia as this destination had never been on my agenda. The heat, the flies and the red dirt do not have the same appeal as water holds for me, but the desire to be there was enormous. I was venturing forth into uncharted surroundings, which brought about excitement that a new venture brings.

Uluru is the name of the ‘Rock’ and Yulara – a community with its own unique atmosphere - is where we had our base. No one is allowed to stay in the Uluru area, as it is a sacred site of the Aboriginal people. Uluru is aligned to Lemurian force. This place is very pure. The energy here is most powerfully centered – the energy is very high.

Friday, the 18th of March was our first gathering of all ninety participants. We were greeted at the door by Kathy and Richard, who anointed us with frankincense. Abdy then welcomed everyone in the center of the room with a hug. The Attunement commenced with what we all do best, lying on the floor with the energy running through us. When Abdy’s Sessions finished, we formed a circle and had a hugging session. Afterwards we introduced ourselves, also stating why we had come to Uluru.

The Group Alignment was where all inhibitions were released and many became their own being which was something miraculous to see. The power of some was awesome - the moving of energy and the soul language came forth as automatic. Some were not comfortable with the actions and the noise that was made, so many were out of their comfort zone. The intellect came in very strongly along with the “whys” and the “what is it?” In the follow-on Session we saw much the same again with even more resistance. Many had amazing clearings, others fought long and hard to hang onto their self-made identities.

We were up very early on Sunday morning for a Journey to the ‘Rock’ to watch the sunrise over this amazing gift of nature with its many shapes, sizes and colour.

It was extremely cold and I was most grateful when the sun began to appear and glad to be back in the bus to be taken to a ‘silent place’ for a meditation at the waterhole, which was dry as the rainfall is very low in the desert.

We stood one behind the other and looked up to the top of the ‘Rock’, which was hypnotic with the sun-light just touching the high section of the ‘Rock’. Being asked to release our feelings to the ‘Rock’ was when the most amazing sounds and soul language were expressed.

Maurice said the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. The tears, the screams, the pain were let forth with no inhibitions - not the normal silent meditation.

It was almost an indescribable moment. I felt every possible emotion - great pain mixed with joy, sadness and laughter. I was exhausted and just wanted to sit and be my Self, not the persona that I present to the world.

It took a real effort to attend the next Session of Soul Exchange; I was only driven by the knowledge that I would have to do nothing, just to enjoy the gifts of others. Daniel started the Soul Exchange with an amazing song that he has written, which moved everyone in the room. I chose an experience of lying on the floor and taking in all that the Universe had to offer.

The evening Session started with sharing, and, of course, the main topic was the noise and being able to adjust and the acceptance of things not being exactly as the perceptions of procedures had been. The Equinox Blessings involved everyone being on the floor and expressing themselves in whatever way they needed to, which was absolutely fascinating, so many being their true selves. The day concluded with a bonfire under the stars in the campground. The stars in Central Australia are magnificent, you almost feel that you can reach out and touch them and there is so much clarity.

Sharing the Wisdom was a question and answer procedure with a difference. Ken would answer a question in soul language and Abdy would relate it to us in English. It brought about new gifts for some, as they found that they could translate what was being spoken in the language of the soul. This was followed by an account of our experiences and what the gathering was about for us.

At the end of the day the group went to the ‘Sounds of Silence’, which is an unique event of a dinner under the stars out in the desert. We were taken by bus to the look-out point where we could view the ‘Rock’ and the ‘Olgas’. It was just incredible being in the desert. As the sun set we were sitting round our table, watching the stars, in the company of beautiful people - a wonderful way to complete the Gathering at Uluru.

The Gathering at Uluru was one of those experiences of a lifetime which time will never dim. It is something that will remain deep within the heart of all. The reconnection with many brothers and sisters, the ‘Rock’ and the desert impressions were all unique, but the gathering was not about any of these things. It was about me - my reaction and my experiences - for the growth of my soul. I am grateful for the opportunity to express the real being that I am, leaving behind for a short time the personality I show the world. I thank everyone for their love and for their acceptance of who I am, which will stay in my heart forever.

No one who went to the Uluru Gathering, experiencing the Christ energy, will have returned home the same as they arrived, each one will have in some way or another shifted their perceptions so that their reality has changed. I feel I entered into the energy of Uluru and Abdy’s Sessions as an initiation, which has drawn me closer to divine consciousness. We have all journeyed from this place more complete, more whole and healed.

I thank God for the reconnection with Abdy. I thank God for Abdy. I thank God that Abdy has Emily and I thank God that Abdy and Emily have Kye.

We have a Great God and I love you all enormously.



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