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The Adam Kadmon

- Message from Master Kuthumi -

The term Adam Kadmon is first found in a 13th century Cabbalistic Treatise. He is described as the “primordial supreme man”.

In November 1995 Norma held a lecture in London, during which she passed on to us how Master Kuthumi defines the Adam Kadmon:

Many on Earth shall soon be reborn into the heart of the Christos. This shall commence when the Moon is in its glory and the Heavens are aligned with the great time of the awakening. Men and women alike, destined to grace the land, shall adorn a new garment of the Order of the Divinity. Music shall radiate from their auras as they sing the highest tribute to spiritual Law.

These sons and daughters of Light are among the masses now and soon to awaken to their personal transformations.

They shall be the forerunners of the new species destined to walk the land, who shall hear, see and speak no evil. These souls will be seen by all as the bringers of the new horizon for Mother Earth.

They shall command the energies to enfold, within, the union of the male and female counterparts that shall be joined.

They shall be entrusted with the secrets of the Holy Grail and will understand how to birth this knowledge for the world before this decade is complete.

They shall be God-realized first so that their consciousness might go forward and change the consciousness of the world.

This new species shall replicate the form of Master that walked the sacred grounds of Atlantis.

This membership will understand how to manipulate the Light so that all will be healed.

Each will understand the significance of the balance of power and how this action is critical for the world’s transformation.

These souls will have been altered through the etheric hands of the Divine and will be sent then through the land like the Apostles of old.

They shall join hands with the masses world-wide for the purpose of transmitting the DNA Coding that lies within them to those who are destined to receive the activation in all corners of the globe.

They shall touch the hearts and souls of the One and know that God’s plan is truly being realized.

The souls of the Adam Kadmon are awakening to their destinies now and are soon to embrace the perfection of God’s Celestial Plan in its significance for Earth.
These souls are beginning to understand why they are here and will soon have no fear for completing their missions.

Look within and see the Adam Kadmon radiance glowing within your hearts, dear children of Athena, Sananda, Buddha and Quan Yin. Then know that the Path I have described is your Path and the Path of the warriors of old, who came and left their legacies on Earth long before your time. Now it is your turn to take your stand.

I offer you the cup of the Holy Grail, but it cannot be examined for understanding until 1997.

So you are holding this energy now, and you collectively will release it in 1997 for the world so that they can all become selfrealized.

Please accept this offering, however, at this time and know that it contains all you need for sustenance until you have been self-realized within the Adam Kadmon consciousness.

God speed you on your Journey, Dear One,

I AM Kuthumi.

Transmission received by Dr. Norma Milanovich, Albuquerque, NM, 1995.
Copyright at Athena Leadership Center.


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