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Grail Book Flyer

Grail Book Flyer

Grail - Becoming Light - Living Love

BECOMING LIGHT  LIVING LOVE: A Collection of WritingsA Collection of Writings

This Journal tells the true story of 48 Lightworkers, who travelled through France in search of higher truths -- pursuing spiritual growth on their own path to enlightenment, and in service to humanity.

The Journey ‘In Search of the Holy Grail’ was conducted by Dr. Norma Milanovich under the guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Journal presents the Reawakening of the Vision of King Arthur -- THE DREAM OF CAMELOT. During the Journey the foundation was laid for bringing CAMELOT, the City of Light, into the Seventh Golden Age.


Available from:

Edward Gaskell Publishers
Lazarus Press
Unit 7 Caddsdown Business Park
Devon EX39 3DX
telephone: 01237 421195


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