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– Reawakening the Vision of King Arthur –

Once upon a time there was a great King; his name was Arthur. He lived in England in Camelot Castle.

King Arthur together with Merlin brought the dream of Camelot to the land -- a vision of unity, equality, truth, courage, integrity and honour -- a dream of a higher world forming for the children of Earth.

However, it was the time of the Dark Ages and their hopes and dreams came crashing down and were laid dormant. Merlin fell asleep and has been resting in his crystal cave ever since.

Over one thousand and four hundred years later there incarnated on Earth the Children of Light to assist in the Divine Plan -- to create Camelot once again for the world.

They have been full of courage, displaying discipline and dedication. They have to be pure of heart and clear of mind, mastering unconditional love and forgiveness. They have been travelling across the planet restoring balance and harmony on Earth, balancing Earth’s electromagnetic fields, receiving Codes and carrying these for the world. They have worked with the elemental kingdom to bring greater blessings to Earth, and made contact with indigenous people to reclaim ancient wisdom.

Many gifts have been received by the Children of Light on these challenging Journeys: experiencing new levels of consciousness, raising their energy fields to a higher vibration, being offered the opportunity to confront and release old karma, returning home transformed and renewed.

They witnessed a Portal Opening during one of their Journeys and the foundation was laid for the next phase of the collective mission. The memory of Camelot was being reawakened within. All were being prepared to enter the Kingdom of the City of Light.

They were taken to England, for here the Codes for the Camelot energy were being held. The purpose of this Journey was to reawaken Merlin or the magic within -- to search for the knowledge and wisdom necessary to feed the vision of tomorrow.

The sun began to shine upon the land as an accelerated shift of consciousness was created within the minds of humanity -- for the City of Light Camelot truly is the Light within the mind. The clarity of the vision and the remembrance of ancient wisdom could now begin to rise in consciousness around the land.

Next followed the mission to capture the Holy Grail and return it to Camelot so the dream for creating the Cities of Light may become realized on Earth. Thus began the Journey “In Search of the Holy Grail”. The foundation was laid for bringing Camelot, the City of Light, into the Seventh Golden Age.

It is a mission that is living on -- now as an Inner Journey -- a Journey of the soul. Living the truths, the Grail mysteries are lived on, paving the way to our enlightenment.*

The writings of this Journal are dedicated to the reader
as an invitation to embark, through sharing the Grail Journey,
on the deepening of his or her personal Journey of self-discovery --
to reach into the inner chambers of the heart
in search for the mysteries of the Grail --
an invitation to follow the Holy Spirit Dove,
drinking from the Cup of Divine Light,
filling the heart with love.
May joy accompany the reader on this Journey.

*Retold from Master Kuthumi's Messages


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