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Our Personal Quest for the Holy Grail

Master Kuthumi’s final words of wisdom to us were the following:

The key to self-realization will come from one’s ability to become still and listen to the sound of stillness within. This step toward illumination takes you back into time when each of you knew how to access this frequency in a fraction of a second. By doing so, in the waking moments of the day, and by connecting to the Temple of the Grail in the mind of God, your souls will find the freedom needed to merge with the energies of Venus and the oversoul of Isis, who has returned to Earth to usher in the Seventh Golden Age.

Master Kuthumi ended his Message with these touching words about himself:

I AM Kuthumi, known as Parsifal who saw the elusive Grail and who held onto the dream until the dream became realized. It is through your souls, Dear Ones, that my soul is now set free.[1]

He is handing over the guardianship of the Grail to us. Not only does our mission continue in carrying the Coding of the Grail, but also our personal Quest for wholeness, for unity, for Oneness goes on, and what better way to pursue our task than to follow the example and advice of this beautiful Being of Light, who has guided us with such love and care.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, in his discourse on the Holy Grail, describes the Journey towards Oneness as follows:

Parsifal, setting out on his Quest for the Holy Grail, is the eternal symbol of the adept setting out on the path of initiation. Like Parsifal, who had to make his way through dark forests, battle with awe-inspiring giants and knights and avoid the many snares laid in his path, an adept is required to brave darkness, combat enemies and overcome temptations. Once he had emerged victorious from all his trials, Parsifal was welcomed with solemnity in a marvellous castle whose walls were covered in gold and precious stones. It was here that he was vouchsafed the vision of the Holy Grail. The vision of the Grail is the supreme reward of him who guards faithfully, in his heart and mind, the ideal of obtaining the priceless gifts of the spirit...

Cabbalists, for their part, have expressed this idea in the two interlaced triangles of the Seal of Solomon. The triangle pointing downwards represents the descent of the spirit into matter, whereas the triangle pointing upwards represents the tendency of matter to rise and become one with the spirit. In this symbol, the two meet in mid-course and fuse into one. When the spirit encounters matter capable of holding on to it, it no longer tries to escape. In the meantime, however.... Well, in the meantime, a disciple will experience many ups and downs: when he manages to hold on to the spirit for a few moments, he is raised to a state of ecstasy before slipping back into the prose of everyday life. But he must never be discouraged; he must simply start climbing again and, even if he falls over and over again, never give up...

The chalice of the Holy Grail is the symbol of a human being who has succeeded in capturing and fixing the spirit within him...

The dearest ideal of a disciple is to become the Holy Grail and contain and condense the love of Christ. But to achieve this ideal, he must work on his own matter; he must refine it, render it more subtle and more precious so that it becomes capable of vibrating in harmony with the spirit...[2]

And so we hold on to the perfect dream until our dream becomes reality and we merge infused with Light into Oneness and live Love.


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