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The Spiritual History of the Holy Grail

- Message from Master Kuthumi -

In preparation for the Journey “In Search of the Holy Grail” Edwin Courtenay, a gifted spiritual teacher here in England, channelled Master Kuthumi and provided us with a Message on the “Spiritual History of the Holy Grail”.

Master Kuthumi started by stating that the information given would be vital to unlocking not only some of the secrets and mysteries of the Grail’s power, but also the energies and dimensional doorways, windows and portals that would allow us to access and enter into the fullness of the Grail force.

He delivered the following discourse:

It is important to understand the nature of the Holy Grail, what it truly is, what it represents and the part that it has to play in the unfoldment of mankind’s evolution.

The Grail is a symbolic archetypal energy. It is connected to the feminine force of the Divine. It is connected to grace and flow, vision and receptivity, healing, intuition, psychicism, dreams. It is connected to wisdom and to attuning to the nurturing source-energy of the Divine, to the feminine part of our own nature, which is closest to and connected with the abundant free-flowing mother-divine energy of the universe.

The Holy Grail existed in ancient times as an archetypal symbolic form that was associated with the divine nurturing energy of the Archangel Melchizedek. Melchizedek is the Archangel who is responsible for passing on to his angelic brethren the energy of the Divine that is needed by the angelic hierarchies in order that they may sustain their existence and utilize the power to perform the will of God.

In time, when mankind was created, it was decided and seen that the Grail’s energy needed to be passed on to humanity, that they needed to be enabled to attune themselves to the source’s energy through this archetypal image and symbol, that they now needed to be awoken to their own inner feminine energy and power in order that they may more closely recognize their own divinity and utilize it for the greater good of their species.

The Grail’s energy, therefore, was projected down the vibrational scale of the angelic hierarchy and given in a fashion to the Archangel Gabriel. The Archangel Gabriel’s Holy Grail, therefore, is a vibrational down-scaled, down-loaded version of the Holy Grail that is still possessed on a more cosmic level by the Archangel Melchizedek. The Archangel Gabriel utilized the energies of this Holy Grail, of this symbol, of this force, to awaken and enlighten mankind to their own inherent feminine energy, qualities and characteristics.

When Lemuria came to an end and Atlantis was risen, it was recognized that individuals were required in order to anchor the seven cosmic archetypal energies upon the Earth that were needed by mankind in order to grow and evolve.

These energies were represented by elemental archangels and the forces that they governed over:

  • the powers of earth, wisdom and growth,
  • the powers of air, communication and healing,
  • the powers of fire, transformation, passion and protection,
  • the powers of water, dream, intuition, psychicism,
  • the powers of spirit, knowing, enlightenment, truth,
  • the power of love, and
  • the powers of change and transformation;

represented by the Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Azrael, Hanael and Zamuel.

Seven royal families were constructed in Atlantis. And each of the royal families had the duties of maintaining and anchoring the vibrational force of these cosmic archetypal elements onto the Earth. Symbols of their powers were created and the archangels themselves filled these symbols with force and Light. The original physical Holy Grail was filled with energy from the ethereal Holy Grail in the possession of the Archangel Gabriel. It was kept and maintained by the royal families of Atlantis and its energy and power utilized to maintain the vibration of love, dreams, intuition and the feminine force of the emotion on the Earth.

At the time of the great destruction the royal families had fallen into disarray. They were no longer living in harmony, but, reflecting the nature of the world around them, they existed in a constant skirmish, squabbling, fighting, seeking supremacy and power over the other. The archangels had long since abandoned them, knowing now that it was impossible to provide them with any form of guidance that they were willing to listen to, and to a large extent they had withdrawn their energetic support, leaving these symbols and tools of power as void, useless objects, carrying no Light, no strength, no divinity.

The majority of these original hallows were destroyed in the great destruction, but throughout history they would be reconstructed again and again. Their images would be drawn from the Akashic Records as etheric blue-prints and they would be manufactured and reshaped and remade. Before Jesus was born a great deal of prophets and seers and visionaries foresaw the nature and importance of his coming. Jesus would bring a new age to the world, shifting the focus from the matriarchal energy to the patriarchal force as was ordained and willed by the Divine.

But the energy and knowledge that Jesus was to bring to mankind was not to be devoid of the feminine energy, but was to simply contain it and carry it in a different dynamic, in a different balance, in a different fashion and form, and, therefore, the guidance was given by the angels to mankind again to reshape the Holy Grail in order that it might be given to the boychild Jesus, that he would keep it and utilize its power at a later date when it was needed and necessary.

A stone fell to Earth, a meteorite, a large piece of the powerful energy-stone known as Moldavite, and it was from this glassy ore that the Grail was created, was forged.

The Grail was given to the boy-child Jesus by one of the three Magi at a very early stage in Jesus’s childhood, and the Grail was kept and utilized from time to time. But it was only towards the end of Jesus’s life that he acknowledged the importance of the Grail and its power and utilized it in ceremony and ritual in order to imbue it with a certain aspect of his consciousness, the Christ consciousness and the divine frequency and energy of the Light under which he operated at that time.

Strict instructions were given to his uncle Joseph of Arimathea to collect blood in the chalice. The blood was to mix with the existing water that was in the chalice that was utilized at the last Supper, blood and holy water joining together to form a powerful symbol of purity and sacrifice.

Joseph of Arimathea was guided to take the Holy Grail, the chalice, with him to England, where he was guided to begin to set down the structure of the spiritual truth as taught by Jesus at that time. He knew that the age of the matriarchal was over, and so too did the High Priestesses of Britain.

Joseph was instructed that at a later time the Holy Grail, which in the beginning was to be planted in Glastonbury, would merge with another manifestation of the Grail’s energy, which was called the cauldron of Cerridwen. The cauldron of Cerridwen was the matriarchal equivalent of the patriarchal Holy Grail. It was a pagan symbol for the cosmic womb, but it carried inside it masculine elements of creativity, motivational spark and the beginning of life. When the time was right, a long time after Joseph’s death, the Holy Grail would be taken to the Island of Glass in Glastonbury, and it would be merged with the cauldron of Cerridwen in order that the two energies might become balanced. When this indeed occurred both combined energies entered into the ether, where they have remained since, returning from time to time to this plane in order to provide mankind with their benefit, with their power, with their strength.

Indeed, it was when Arthur, through his folly, had jeopardized the life-force of England itself, that the Holy Grail appeared to him in order to restore to both him and the land the balanced energy of the matriarchal and patriarchal forces that was needed and required in order to allow England to continue to grow and evolve.
Before the Grail was merged with the cauldron of Cerridwen it resided for some time in Glastonbury. It was known to be there, protected by powerful angelic forces, powerful magic that defied anyone’s true understanding, that was considered to be miraculous.

In love and peace, in trust we bid you farewell.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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