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Sir Bedivere

My name is Sir Bedivere, Knight of the Round Table, Quest Knight of the Holy Grail and loyal and loving servant of Arthur the greatest King of Albion and of the Divine Lord of all Light and life. I am the first of my brothers to step forwards from the realm of Heaven, from our eternal rest and sleep there, in order that I might mark the way of understanding for all those now who seek the Holy Grail.

For the Holy Grail is much more than man might imagine it to be and much more significant too in the Ascension of man’s planet Earth and mankind themselves. For the Holy Grail is much, much more than just a cup, than just a symbol of communion. Much, much more than just a relic of a holy man and his acolytes, for the Holy Grail is a symbol and a mystery. A power and a truth, it is the way that leads to unity and the return to glory and divinity for mankind, it is the Code and Key that will unlock the doors to power and consciousness unimaginable.

The Holy Grail is then a powerful and potent symbol, which over the years has come to be many things to many different people, cultures and religions. For some it is the holy relic that the Master Jesus drank from and shared at the Last Supper before his death. A drinking vessel, which some say was roughly hewn from wood by the carpenter’s son’s hands himself. A glorious vessel some say given to the child Jesus by one of the three wise men, the Magi, carved from a star-fallen stone called Moldavite. An Atlantean relic, the Holy Grail of the Archangel Gabriel, the elemental Archangel of Water, some say, salvaged from that drowning land and handed down for centuries until Joseph of Arimathea, who we now know as St Germain, hid it at the base of Chalice Hill in Avalon, which we now know as Glastonbury. A mystical relic some say, which is both Grail Cup and the Cauldron of the Dagda, the magickal all father of the Tuatha de Danon, the Fairy folk of Ireland.

In truth, the Grail is all these things and more, in truth it is none of these things, but something else, for it is what the Grail has come to represent and be associated with, which is most important at these times.

The Holy Grail, you see, is you, your Spirit, and the descending dove of the Holy Spirit is your Soul. The Holy Grail is your Lower Self, the construct, which is your ego, the essential body that holds the higher truth of your eternal being. The vehicle that allows your Higher Self to express itself on Earth, to incarnate and slowly over time, as your Spirit grows and expands, to infiltrate this dense reality more and more, to permeate you and your world with its divine Light, causing the consciousness of mankind to expand and grow, to evolve and become enlightened and ascended.

For the heart, the core and centre of the body, is the window, the icon if you will, through which, once the higher heart is awoken, the Soul manifests and expresses itself on Earth, shining like the Sun which it is, a miniature version of the Great Central Sun, which is the Divine, through the heart centre into your reality. It is here then, in the heart’s core, that the Christ spark resides, waiting to be enlivened, kindled once the heart expands and is energized by the Soul, once the consciousness of each individual opens enough in order for this process to occur. The Christ spark is of course that part of the Christ energy, the Cosmic Ascended Master Maitreya, which resides in all living things be they stone or tree, animal or man, elemental or deva, the Christ, the bridging consciousness, which connects humanity to the Divine, being the great spiritual presence, which has shone through many Avatars on Earth throughout time, some known, such as the Master Jesus, the Master Buddha and Krishna and some unknown! The Christ spark then, that piece of the Maitreya implanted in every heart in order to ensure that each incarnating Spirit will be able to find its way home in time to its Higher Self and the Divine, enlivens now as the great prophesied time approaches and humanity begins preparation for their mass return to a time of knowing and reunification with their source.

However, there are two other elements at play, the Magdalene Flame, the feminine expression of the Christ force and the Holy Spirit energy, the Maha Chohan. The Magdalene Flame, the feminine Christ, exists because your reality is one governed by the Universal Law of Duality, which states that everything made manifest within it must have its equal opposite, its feminine counterpart in order to ensure that the energy is stabilised and balanced. Throughout time, whenever the Christ energy has been present, there has always been nearby its feminine counterpart, the latter manifestation of which was that flame, that power held by the Avatar Mary Magdalena, a fire which now has her name in honour of the service to it that she rendered. This energy then too must be awoken within the hearts of men and women before they can unify with the Divine, this unification, this alchemical and sacred marriage, the marriage of the Divine Masculine and Feminine being an essential aspect of ascension and evolution, of growth. The Maha Chohan, the Holy Spirit is then the final ingredient, the solution, which is the body of the Divine, the emanation of the Light of the Creator given consciousness, which facilitates the miracle of integration and allows the divine current of energy, the igniting fusing force of the Divine to shower down upon each and every human here on Earth.

Our work then, our communication is to provide you with that guidance that you need in order to allow you to ensure that this process, this awakenment and ignition, this rekindling and unification can come about by providing you with teaching, guidance and lesson that might help you as you walk the path of the Grail initiate and become at one with the returning energies, the descending energies of the Divine. To this end then I have come, the first of the Grail Knights, not only to explain all that has been given so far, but also to offer my own unique guidance in helping with this process. For those, who know the myth of Arthur and Camelot, you will be aware that my fame lies in two areas. Firstly, the fact that it was I, bidden by Arthur, who returned Excalibur the Sword of Power back to the Lady of the Lake after the great battle that led to Arthur’s demise and the end of Camelot’s dream. The second being that I am credited in many stories with being one-handed and yet capable of still serving my King as a trusted and proficient Knight! The latter of these two credits is needless to say more allegorical than actual in nature, but holds a key truth that many need to know and hear now in order to begin their journey on the Grail path. Firstly, however, let me speak of the importance of the fact that it was indeed I who returned the sacred blade to the great lady of mystery, who is in her own way the patron Goddess of Albion still.

The sword is another Hallow, Excalibur being too a survivor of Atlantis, the Great Sword of Power – Nuada’s Sword – the Sword of the Archangel Michael, which represents the power of perception, passion and protection. The warrior’s sword that carries the vision of truth, which Arthur used to build the vision of Camelot, the vision of unification and peace. Returning the sword to its keeper and Guardian, the Lady of the Lake, the great Astral Goddess of the other world, the Fairy world, who is also known by the name Coventina, was an act of preservation, ensuring that this power, which would be needed in the future, was held safe until the world was truly ready for it once again. That time is now, and the sword must once again be retrieved, not from any physical lake of course, but from the pool within each and every person’s heart - the pool of their own emotions! Here the sword of passion, perception and protection lies, waiting to be reclaimed by each and every one, waiting to be wielded in order that its power might turn everyone into the new Knights of the Round Table, of the unified dream, in order that the sword might inspire them, impassion them, open their eyes that they might see the truth of that which is and that which needs to be done, in order that the sword might protect them, giving them the courage that they need to make the personal changes in themselves, which will in turn transform the world. The sword’s power then can be called forth by everyone who is willing, who is ready, by repeating the simple incantation below to the Lady of the Lake.

“Coventina, Lady of the Lake, Nimue and Viviane awake,
Return the sword of power, that you hold, from the lake of power in my Soul.
Awake within me the courage that I need, to see the dream,
the flower that might be.
Coventina, Goddess of the Fey, mistress of magick, hear these words I say.”

The final truth then that I have to offer to you is this, my single-handed nature was in truth a code, an allegory, which is both warning and advice. One aspect of being single-handed, dedicated to a single path, being a warning against imbalance, for in order for the Christ and Magdalena energies to be reunited in each and every Soul, firstly, that individual must be in balance themselves in regards to their own inner masculine and feminine nature, the anima and the animus of the psyche having at least some semblance of equality within the consciousness of the individual. This then was the reason why I as a Grail Knight was never fully successful in finding the truth, my consciousness being too predominantly masculine in its nature.

Secondly, the positive guidance is in regards to being independent, single minded, doing what needs to be done single headedly as it were. For in order for each individual to change, they must transform themselves through their own effort, desire and will. Although there may be others to help them, to help guide them, the one great truth of the Grail Quest was this:

no one can drink the cup for you,
no one can transform another using the Grail’s power,
it must be claimed for the self, by the self.

This is the only way! This then is my one true Grail teaching in its positive sense, this was that part of the mystery that I mastered and therefore truly represent. Determination and willingness, to do and be single minded and determined to do what needs to be done in order to be reborn anew.

There is much here for you to contemplate, beloveds, this much I am sure, absorb then these words well and make of them what you will. I am Sir Bedivere, and I will remain watching over you all as you make your own Quest journeys this year. Be ever faithful to your own truth and your own knowing, know that you are loved and guided and ever reach to be that which you are in embryo, perfect and divine as the Sun and Moon.

In love then and in Light, in perfect love and perfect trust go in peace and truth.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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