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The Eagle’s View – Seeing the Bigger Picture, the Larger Truth.

It is easier for the spirit to engage with the drama at hand, to allow itself to be swept up in the needs and requirements summoned by circumstance and occurrence. It is easier to believe that life is cruel, nature red in tooth and claw and the Divine wicked or in fact that none of this is real but rather only an illusion to be ignored, to be transcended. It is easier to believe in nothing at all, but rather to affirm the theory that all is in a state of ungodly chaos and that nothing happens with purpose, but is rather meaningless and random. It is easier simply not to think, not to question, not to ponder, but just to act and be and do.

In time, however, everyone returns to a point of questioning 'why', whether it be in response to a small disaster, an unfortunate occurrence in their own life that leaves them grieving or bereft or because they confronted an enormity, which cannot simply be dealt with or swept away with busy and good deeds. These times are harsh, difficult and demanding, they encourage us to dare to think things that we might not want to, that we might not usually feel comfortable with. They encourage us to wonder that if there is a Divine Plan then why must it incorporate pain and suffering, death and sacrifice. Why on such a large scale, why on such a small scale, why to my life or their lives, why this country and not that one, it causes us to examine the mystery and seeming injustice of it all.

As Knights of the Round Table we were taught to take the Eagle’s View from time to time, particularly when we were searching for the Grail. For Arthur knew that everything and anything might be relevant in our search to find this most holy of things. The weather, the call of the birds, those we met upon the way, the things we saw, the things we did, the things we thought and felt. Nothing should be considered too small or too big, he said, nothing irrelevant or too large. The Divine was everywhere and through the everything the Divine would lead the way.

Your world, the world you live in now, is full of mystery, but no less full of the Divine. There are few people who acknowledge the Divine’s presence or who might have the wisdom to be able to explain the Divine’s ways, but this does not mean the Divine is any less there or that the divine plan is any less in motion. Scientists and Priests seem no longer to be able to see the truth that once the humble Knight might know, their answers and their excuses leaving many now unsatisfied and more confused than ever. Now then is the time for each and every man and woman and child to find their own viewpoint in order that they might see the truth hidden in the mundane and through this viewing make those changes to their life and their world that might alter consequently the manner through which the Divine brings things into fruition.

Of course, nothing is may be quite this simple, the disasters that your world endures, though partly being to open the hearts of humanity and encourage a greater galvanising of compassion and love for man’s fellow man, are also about the movement of life from this plane to another. Those who die in such disasters are not “unwilling sacrifices” to humanity’s need to wake up! Their path was chosen a long, long time ago by themselves that they might exit at this time, in this way, in order to grow and in turn provide growth to those that they leave behind, to all of humanity. Still this does not make their plight or the plight of those they leave behind any less tragic or sad. The more man awakens, the less the world will experience disasters, which in part are designed to awaken compassion and love in the masses. The more the world awakens, the less people will need to journey back into spirit in order to continue to evolve and grow, choosing rather to stay here on Earth in order to experience evolution and enlightenment. The bigger picture, the Eagle’s view being that events change as the need and requirement of mankind changes, the design shifting ever and always to incorporate the growth of the design itself.

What then we can do, we who seek the Grail still, the Grail inside ourselves and the Grail as the Divine design and Divine love within the world, is strive to see the bigger picture and act appropriately. Do not bury your head in the sand, but rather dare to know, dare to believe, dare to trust and in so doing contribute to the ever changing nature of the world. Soar like the Eagle, see the pattern, see the plan and through your seeing change it. Encourage those around you to hold on to their compassion, rather than packing it away once the disaster is over and employ it in their day to day. That by doing so they might sustain the level of understanding, of compassion and of love in the world and negate the need for further disaster to promote such acts of kindness and of love.

The time is now for humanity to grow, to see the truth and to take responsibility, to work with the plan, with the Divine and open the hearts of those about them in readiness for the descent of the Christ Light.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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