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Sir Percival of the Pure Heart

I have lived many lives and known throughout them many different names, but that one which you might know me by, that one which is relevant to today, is Percival the Pure.

I was called Percival the Pure for many reasons, primarily that I was considered pure of heart of course, pure of Spirit and of Soul, because of my devout Christian nature and my devotion to the Dream of Camelot, but also because I was considered by many to be an innocent. This term was one nicely used then as it might be now for an idiot or fool, a simple Soul, ignorant and naive, which I in many ways was.

You see, my Mother then, whose husband (my Father) was a Knight, had lost him to his battles and his wars long before his death, becoming a widow in loneliness as she would later become in circumstance. So in order to ensure that I, her precious son, did not follow suit, did not abandon her to battle, she chose to live alone with me in the forest away from civilisation’s tragedies and woes. During this time she mentioned to me nothing of war or Knights, of battle or of death, but only of peace and harmony, purity, wonder and love, making it clear to me that all that a man might want could be found in nature and in God.

One day, however, Knights came to our forest, and I spied them, all shining and all glittering in their armour! Astounded by this sight I presumed them to be Angels and fell at their feet, crying out words of worship and love, admiration and prayer. Amused the Knights raised me up and after asking who I was and what I was doing demanded to see my Mother, having recognised in me the likeness of my Father whom they had known.

Berating my Mother for her attempts to shield me from the world and my destiny they took me, with my consent, but against my Mother’s protestations, to Camelot, where I was raised, first a page and latterly as Knight. Arthur was drawn to me, intrigued by my innocence, by the wonder I saw in ordinary things and by my chaste and virtuous nature, envying in me that which he felt he had lost to the battle field - his innocence and purity, and maybe seeing, as he often did, that I would be needed in Camelot’s future. As it was of course, my purity proved useful in finding the Grail in the end, for only those of a pure heart can find such holy prizes.

The true Holy Grail is, as you know, the descent of the power, the Light and consciousness of the Soul – that part of us which is in truth our quintessential divinity – into and through the Spirit, that incarnate part of us, which is the vessel for our expression and existence here. In order for the full Light, power and majesty of the Soul to descend and shine here on Earth the Spirit, the incarnate self, the Lower Self, the Egoic nature must be clear and pure. Purity is not always and only ignorance – though sometimes ignorance of worldly temptations, negativity and impurity helps – but also it is a virtuous and love filled heart shining with integrity.

It is the “authentic” Spirit, who is true to themselves and all those about them in such a way that they are not clouded by deception, envy, ego or fear, but rather full of self knowledge, certainty, faith and trust in themselves and in the world around them. Those, who recognise their limitations without shame or the need for self chastisement, but strive to expand themselves. Those who acknowledge the values of simple and yet powerful things like kindness and gratitude, as well as the importance of the acknowledgement of wonder in natural things, like the turning of the seasons and the beauty of a Full Moon.

Purity is something then that we all begin with as children, as babes but which unfortunately for most dwindles and fades as we grow, sometimes as a result of our parents or our society and sometimes as a result of our life circumstances and life path. It is, however, something which can be regained, contrary to popular belief, for many believe that once innocence is lost it cannot be regained, those things seen and learned never forgotten or unlearned.

Those things experienced never sponged from the Spirit or mind and this – to a certain degree – is true. However, these things can be integrated, accepted and understood, digested, acknowledged and recognised as being part of our reality, part of what we have become, and we can learn how to transcend their negative effects, the stains they lay upon our Soul and make them golden! We can learn to believe in spite of them in the goodness and the love that exists within the world. We can learn again to wonder at a sunset and find joyful innocent pleasure in snow and laughter and play. We can learn again to believe and trust and have faith in ourselves and the Divine.

It is this then, which is needed now if we are to grow, if we are to expand, if we are to ascend. It is this “polishing of the lens of the Spirit”, which is needed if the Light of the Soul is ever expected to shine once again gloriously through us. It is this that we need to work on should we ever hope to see and possess the Holy Grail and that, of course, which follows it, the power of the combined Light of the Christ, made whole through us.

Let us then all try to see the simple things as divine, the free and inexpensive joys as Light that we all need so that we might return in part to a place of innocence and purity and in this space receive that precious gift that many of us have lost …. our own true self!

Begin in part then with something small, give yourself time and be patient, space is required – not a great deal – no more in fact than a moment to welcome an experience and bask within it, to truly internalise how it makes you feel. Take a moment to find the sunrise, take a moment to go out into the cold night air and gaze at the Moon, listen to a child’s laughter and indulge yourself in a moment of play. Allow yourself to remember, irrespective of how painful it might be, what it was like to love for the first time, the joy and innocence, the passion and delight. Place yourself in another’s arms, a parent or a lover or give your arms to those who now are rarely hugged and rest in the moment, allowing it to work its magick on your heart, clearing it and restoring within it that which has been clouded or lost. From such simple steps powerful growth emerges, as the seeds of that which you once were grow again.

Dare yourself to do these things and be prepared for the miracles that follow.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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