Return of the Christ


Meditation to the Holy Spirit

Close your eyes, Children of the Divine, and hear my words:

In the darkness of your mind seek, seek deep inside into the core of your being, your heart. See it, it is a flower, it is a bloom, it is the rose, the sacred symbol of the womb of the Divine.

Pink Rose

See it, see it and journey deep inside. For deep inside the heart of the rose, deep inside the centre of the petals nestles a drop of dew, a brilliant pearl of Light, the centre of the flower, where the rose petals change to gold.

There in this secret chamber glitters the spark of my presence within you, there glitters the presence of the Maitreya, the Christ Light.

And now, with pursed lips I blow the breath of God upon it, into each and every heart and fan the flame.

I fan the flame, I give it the breath of life. Feel it grow, see it shine, the spark turning into a single flame, a flame growing, burning, shining, a fire deep inside.

Let the Light gently, slowly spread, illuminating your whole, illuminating your being, firing your presence here on Earth.

See this, feel this and hear these sacred words.

Ruach Elohim, Ruach Elohim, Ruach Elohim.

Breathe in the Light and let the Light shine. The seed is planted, the spark ignited, the flame now grows. And it is so.

Divine source of all creation, I call upon a blessing of your presence and your Light for these your Children. Surround them with your protection, wall them safely within your hands, let no harm come to them, but keep them pressed against your heart that they may hear always the beating of it to remind them that they are loved and safe. May this occur in accordance with the greatest wills, with the word and truth and rhyme of the Universe’s way.

So mote it be, Amen.


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