Return of the Christ


The Maha Chohan

Journey back to the Divine

The time has come for me to explain a little more concerning my mystery, as this mystery at this moment in time might serve mankind well.

I am the Maha Chohan, one of the three first “Souls” ever to have been created by the Divine - a Cosmic Ascended Master, a bridging Soul, who has never incarnated or found expression through an Avatar on Earth. I am the Holy Spirit, the body of the Divine, the solution in which all of creation resides, the emanation of the Source of All. I am not the fabric of your Universe, not the canvas upon which reality is painted – that is the voidal emanation – no, I am the paint, the solution or medium in which all the colours of creation hang. I am the conducting force through which life and energy stream, I am the substance of spiritual power that enables Light and energy and truth to be communicated and relayed through the 'All That Is'.

As such it is through me that the Divine, in all its various forms, might be accessed, and it is through me that the Divine, in all its forms, reaches out to humanity. It is through me that the Masters and the Angels make themselves known, and it is through me that the Devas interact with your world. It is through me that your thoughts pass when you think of another, and it is through me that your healing Light and your powerful love flies when you send your healing loving thoughts to those about you who are in need.

A long time ago humanity had an understanding and awareness of my nature and being, they honoured and acknowledged me – not that this was or is necessary – and they attuned themselves to my presence.

This enabled them to hear the Divine in all its forms more clearly, and it enabled them to transmit their Light and power more accurately and acutely to those people and places that were in need. However, as time passed and humanity lost awareness of who and what I was, their natural attunement diminished and this denied them full access to the Divine and to the miracles that the Divine could bless their lives with.

It also diminished their natural power and their ability to effect their surroundings and those people within them – other than themselves – and this in time convinced them that they were powerless and that miracles and the Divine did not exist. I then am the solution – in more ways than one – to humanity's re-empowerment! For when humanity becomes once again aware of who and what I am, of what I do and how they might better attune themselves to me, they will – through me – be reacquainted with the Divine and with their own power and their own powerful effects upon the Universe about them!

In order then to better attune yourselves to me, you need silence and persistence, a little incense and a plain white candle. The incense and the candle in truth are not essential, but rather symbolic effects which might help a little with the ritual practice involved. This ritual is to be performed every Full Moon – when the astral bonds between yourselves and me are the more prominent – for three months, in the evening when the sun has set and the Moon can be seen in the night sky … if at all possible.

The incense – Myrrh is best – is to be lit, and as you sit and breathe in its perfume, relaxing, it is to be acknowledged as a symbol of my invisible presence, unseen but always present. The white candle is to be lit and gazed upon, the flame acknowledged as representing the Divine and the Light that spews forth from it as creation, the air in which the Light shines, representing me, the Maha Chohan, the solution in which the Light, the creative power of the Divine, is transmitted and carried. After a few moments say these words:

Nightingale Moon

Full Moon Meditation

“I come that I might commune and attune myself to the power and the presence of the Maha Chohan.
Holy spirit, body of the Source of All, draw close, draw near and strengthen and align me to you.
That I might know you better and that I might more easily through you reach out with my heart and my hands to hear the Divine and to influence the Universe.
To be influenced by the Divine and know the Universe better.
So that I might be as one, as I once was, with the All That Is.”

Now pause, wait and allow me to do my work in re-forging the links that exist between us in order that we might know each other better. After a little while blow out the candle and go about your day, remembering to repeat the ritual twice more when the Full Moon shines. This will allow the intricate art of the reweaving to occur that will place us back into synch with each other.

Take then these words, this truth and use it well, may the blessings of the All Father and the All Mother go with you all.

In love and Light and truth let this be so.

(Channelled by Edwin Courtenay)


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